“You’re Welcome” – The best places for a drink in Adelaide

Brought to you by http://www.southaustralia.com as part of the Through Local Eyes film project. South Australia through the eyes of local filmmakers Josh Fan…

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6 Responses to “You’re Welcome” – The best places for a drink in Adelaide

  1. Olivia Watson says:

    Heaps good! (But where’s the Wheaty??)

  2. Manseb says:

    Would have been good to see Ghost Ships

  3. Emily Raven says:

    And The Wheatsheaf? Whenever I travel to Adelaide it’s my first port of

  4. South Australia says:

    Definitely agree, @Bunners01 and @Olivia Watson. Guess we’ll have to head
    out to the Wheaty and do a bit more filming. Tough job!

  5. Matthew Lee says:

    You’re Welcome, South Australia´╗┐

  6. Christopher Zodrow says:

    Nicely done. Love this series. World-class presentation.

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