Words of Wisdom from Native American Indian

For more news visit ☛ english.ntdtv.com Follow us on Twitter ☛ http Add us on Facebook ☛ facebook.com And onto Australia, where Melbourne locals have been paid a very special visit by a Native American Indian. Lakota John brings the wisdom of his people down under, offering us some food for thought when it comes to our life journey. Here’s the report from our very own Angela Anderson. In Today’s society, losing our way and forgetting what’s important in life is easy to do. So it’s a breath of fresh air to meet Lakota John. He’s a Native American and his mission in life is to help others find their way, through the traditions and wisdom of his people. [Lakota John, Founder, Sacred Path Program]: “Bringing people to that place of empowerment, finding themselves, just really finding who they are.” Lakota has been showing Australians in Melbourne how to live a more fulfilling life by getting back to the very basics. [Lakota John, Founder, Sacred Path Program]: “We’ve basically have lost the instruction on how to live on this earth.” A Cheyenne Indian, whose ancestors come from the plains of North America, Lakota John grew up in the fast lane of city life. He says it was a life style that disconnected him from what was right—forgetting the meaningful message his grandfather gave him many years ago. [Lakota John, Founder, Sacred Path Program]: “He walked me down this area and he stopped and said ‘look back’ … and he said ‘never forget where you come from, there’s gonna

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