Who think that majority people from Sydney are rude compared to the other major city in australia? Why so?^_*?

well. i’ve been living here in sydney as a student and part time job, was decided to live in my loveliest city sydney, but the most things that i couldn’t afford is not the cost of living, etc, but the attitude of people in sydney, well if u only been traveling here u may feel not like so, may be this q is forwarded for who experienced it, or overseas or overcity who been in sydney for quite a while.
no doubt that sydney is georgeous, but what is that for if the environment is rude, u can imagine on whatever you like of Sydney people rudeness, coz it is the fact. this is just become like an epidemic in sydney, you may say that it is my shit only or i’m an idiot, but (98 %) of my friend does say the same, they experienced the same. well if they said they will living in australia they would say they will move to melbourne city, coz people there are nice. May be anyone could give a hints, tips, or tell your own story, coz i do wish that sydney become my loveliest second home city.cheers

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6 Responses to Who think that majority people from Sydney are rude compared to the other major city in australia? Why so?^_*?

  1. Zoomer says:

    people in sydney are snotty rude pr*cks!

  2. Drink-o-clock says:

    true! I am from Melb, and the place is sooo much better that Sydney! They are all evil there! It really only exisits to rip off tourists – espec UK backpackers etc! Talk about overpriced!

  3. Lisa says:

    I lived in Sydney all my life and I don’t think people are rude, it’s just that it is overcrowded and there are way too many different cultures living in a small place. Sydney has lost it’s identity and it’s appeal because of the influx of foreigners. It also depends on where you live in Sydney as well. I’ve lived in WA now for 3 years and i can assure you that I have encountered just as many rude people here. Sydney is a great place and I loved living there!

  4. whisperofsmoke36 says:

    No idea about sydney but in U.S.A new yorkers are labelled ruder thaner any other city..maybe due to being so crowded .But im a southern gal so im sweet ..lol.

  5. WoodyRoundUp says:

    Sydney people is not rude to Australian, but is rude to overseas people, especially people with Asian appearance.

    What we are talking here is a just a group of people, and it does not represent the whole Sydney people.

    I was many times being shouted: "Go back to your f***ing country". That alone hurts me a lot, as we have our freedom to live in this country.

    After doing some investigation and reading paper, they have been rude to Asian people because their jobs are threatened by them, and they will then end up as jobless people.

    For me, I don’t think this really matters. If you can’t do one thing well while another people (no matter what races) can do better, then of course the other guy deserves the job.
    These "hate" group of people just can’t seem to understand this, and when they can’t find any jobs, they start blaming the Immigrants (which are mostly Asian).

    However, there is another type of rudeness as well. This is a typical rudeness of all people who lives in a busy city. They don’t seem to bother you, they don’t seem to talk to you on the bus, or on the train, they seems to be bothered when you talk on the bus, and personally I do feel that too.

    This is not all about rudeness, but it’s about environment. People are jam packed commuting from one suburb to another. There are too many people in the cities (especially CBD). That’s when the rudeness starts. Australian seems to be laid back, and when the stress level is a bit high, they seem to be blocking external world to their own lives.

    Melbourne is different, because there are not many people working in the CBD (where you find most of the rudeness) and nice transport system. Have you seen people are jammed in a bus or a train or a tram in Melbourne? I hardly see that myself. Maybe there are, but I never experience it. In Sydney, a bus can be filled up with people just in one bus stop. And when people missed their bus, they get annoyed, and the rudeness start.

    I think to make Sydney a great city to live in, the Transportation system needs to be revamped. To reduce the stress level of the community.
    Can you imagine travelling for one hour on a train full of people, and some of them are standing? Probably going to work is better, because all people smell nice. But when they are off from work, all sorts of smell happened, and that also will initiate the rudeness.

    One more rude group that I forget to mention is, (my apology) the senior group. There are not many of them, but I experience once or two. They just can’t seem to accept culture assimilation from other country, and as the results, they just shoot you while you are on a train or a bus. I got scolded twice, "Stop speaking your f***ing language. Speak English", while I was talking to my friend. How annoying is that? But it is more acceptable than the educated youngster group.

  6. Uncle Fester says:

    Without a doubt!!!!

    I travel there often and always come up against the same sh** attitude.

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