What to do and where to stay in Sydney, Australia ?

My wife and I are thinking about going to Australia this year. (around late July or early August) Neither of us have ever been.

Any recomendations or what we should do or see while we are there?
We can probably only afford to stay 9 or 10 nights so we cannot see ALL of Australia obviosuly, but are there any other cities we could/should visit while we are there? Also what areas would be best to stay for a couple late 20-somethings?


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2 Responses to What to do and where to stay in Sydney, Australia ?

  1. Andrew G says:

    July August is winter; so it’s a good time to go to Central Australia to see Uluru (Ayers Rock) and other places from Alice Springs. You need to shop around; because some of the tours and accommodation there are very expensive; but there are more economical choices – just don’t go for the first one you see.

    July August is also the best weather in central and north Queensland; so its a good time to see the Great Barrier Reef. Cairns would be a good centre. Again, pick a barrier reef tour carefully.

    Sydney is good all year round; cool in winter so take some warm clothes. Do it cheap; and avoid the expensive harbour tours. Instead, take a ferry ride to Manly and back. You get to see the best of the harbour; and from the Manly terminal, its a short walk to Manly Beach – as good as any of the surf beaches near Sydney; but only a few die-hards will be in the water.
    Walk around Circular Quay and the foreshores for good views of the Bridge and Opera House.

    Accommodation depends on your budget. There are plenty of backpacker places; but you need to take the same care as in backpackers anywhere.
    Motels are an option; but expect to pay $80 or more for a decent one. Accommodation in Sydney itself is a bit tricky; as the hotels in the central CBD are expensive. You might do better out of town a bit; but make sure you can travel by train or bus. Taxis are very expensive for all but short trips.

    If you went to Uluru, Cairns (Barrier Reef) and Sydney; you could JUST do it in 9 or 10 days without feeling rushed. It would also require three long aeroplane flights between the three places. Australia is a big place; as big as Continental USA. Sydney, Cairns and Alice Springs are a long way apart.

  2. C.M. C says:

    Sorry I am not a local of Sydney or Australia, I’m a tourist also, however, you mention your both in your 20′s.
    Accommodation: I stayed for a couple of nights at the Hyatt on Park, before I moved across to one of the local Best Westerns and saved a packet. Touring, besides taken one of those bus tours to their mountains, and a place called Koala Park. Do a walk around the Irish pubs around the rocks. We had a great time and met some great people, and made some great long lasting friends, and I am far from being twenty, I am way past that age.

    The first answer is pretty much correct also about the Great Barrier Reef. Unfortunately I went to the Caribbean, and it is no comparison to the Great Barrier Reef, this is where to go and do some snorkeling.

    Go to the Banana and specially the Pineapple plantations, As for going to the Rock, you won’t have much time left.

    I am planning the camping holiday this time by one of their 5 star coach tours from Darwin to Alice Springs via the Rock. 12 day tour.

    There is so much beautiful country to see.


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