What is there to do in Sydney Australia ?

I’m in the Marines,and my ship will be going there for Fuil..i will have 2 days off…what is there to do??
is there alot of Caucasian ppl there??..are the ppl very attractive???????????

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5 Responses to What is there to do in Sydney Australia ?

  1. iansand9876 says:

    We are all stunningly beautiful and relatively harmless. There are people of many different backgrounds but mainly Caucasian.

    It is a beautiful, sophisticated city with lots to do.


  2. Debs W says:

    I haven’t been yet but I’m going in August for 3 days. I asked a similar question on here earlier and I got 2 fantastic answers so take a look at it.
    There’s the sydney tower, the harbour bridge, opera house, blue mountains, shopping, river cruises and lots more to do.
    Have a fantastic time.

  3. ~*|:| sri |:|*~ says:

    Oh? take me too pls..

  4. yx_travel says:

    Are you insinuating that only Caucasian people are attractive?

  5. OzGirl says:

    Two days.. see the places around the Syndey Harbour like Botanical Gardens, The Rocks, Darling Harbour, Woolloomooloo Wharf, Kings Cross, and also the CBD, theres some good shopping there and i would go up to Sydney Tower. If you get time go further south to Chinatown, i liked Paddys Markets. I would also go to Bondi and Manly Beaches, and Taronga Zoo near Manly. Caucasian people, of course.. they are the majority in Sydney.

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