What is the population & size of SanFrancisco compared to other harbour cities like Sydney, Australia ?

The two are very similar in both landmarks, natural beauty and friendly people, but how do they compare with size, population, monetarily etc… My friend is from San Mateo i’m from Sydney, can anyone help this debate ?

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  1. SFdude says:


    The metropolitan San Francisco Bay Area, which includes San Mateo County, has an estimated 7.1 million people as of 2006.

    This makes the Bay Area the 5th largest urban area in the United States: after New York [20 million], Los Angeles [17 million], Chicago [10 million], and Washington D.C. [8.2 million].

    The City of San Francisco itself is very small and extremely crowded. It has an estimated 800,000 people in 2006, covering a mere 46 square miles, half of which is water and federal land. It is only America’s 14th largest municipality… yet it is the nation’s 2nd most dense municipality with about 17,500 persons per square mile.

    http://www.abag.ca.gov/ – Metropolitan Government

    http://www.mtc.ca.gov/ – Metropolitan Transportation Commission

    http://www.sfgov.org/ – Municipal Government


    The municipal and metropolitan governments of Sydney are one and the same, which accounts for Sydney’s extremely low density (346 persons per square kilometer) and huge land mass (12,144 square kilometers).

    In fact, all municipalities in Australia are absolutely huge compared to their American counterparts. Ironically, Americans still use the old English county system (with numerous, small counties), while Australia has done away with the model of tiny postal constituencies.

    You can fit 168 Cities of San Francisco into the size of 1 Sydney!

    But if you keep San Francisco’s population density (168 X 800,000), the area comprising Sydney would have to hold 134.4 million people!

    Interesting comparisons aside, the actual metropolitan population of Sydney is roughly 4.3 million. It is the largest in Australia in terms of both size and population. Melbourne is a distant second with 3.7 million and a (still, very large) territory of 8,694 square kilomteters.

  2. Xiomara M says:

    San Francisco: 122 km²/ population of 739,426
    Sydney: 12,144.6 km²/ population of 4,254,900

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