What is a nice motel in Sydney, Australia? Is it a nice place to have a honeymoon?

What is a nice motel is Sydney? And what are som good activities to do?

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5 Responses to What is a nice motel in Sydney, Australia? Is it a nice place to have a honeymoon?

  1. Riley says:

    Mate, there is every major hotel chain you can think of in Sydney, The Hilton Hotel, is a personal favorite of mine there is a full list of hotels in Sydney. Sydney is a great place to have a honeymoon. As for activities there are too many to list, I’ll put a few up and congratulations !

  2. WomanWhoReads says:

    Lots of activities there, good climate … choose your level of niceness by figuring out what you want from a motel. This is a good link.

  3. Creative Expressions says:

    Good question and alot of nice places. Check out the Marriott at Harbor Place, you can water taxi to opera house for a tour. The Taronga Park Zoo is great, Bondi Beach is nice, great night life is all over Sydney. Another great hotel is the Park Hyatt downtown Sydney

  4. jennifer h says:

    Not so much in the way of motels in Sydney you have to go out a bit. Plenty of hotels . some expensive but if you go to Wotif.com.au and only book a week in advance you will get a bargain. Take a look aaround the North Beaches area and Palm Beach where the rich and famous live or holiday. Laze around a bit on Honeymoon what ever you do it will be exciting Wander around Darling Harbor Take a day trip to the Blue Mountains and go out to Bondi for a swim and a meal

  5. Sadie C says:

    I’m not sure if they have motels in Australia. Why not try a bed and breakfast or inn? They would be the most enjoyable

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