What do people in Sydney, Australia think of Americans??

peoples’ opinions on Americans and America.

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24 Responses to What do people in Sydney, Australia think of Americans??

  1. Will smith says:

    But on a side note to the british guy wearing the NEW YORK SHIRT who basically said I hate America..okay buddy..

  2. krshnaxxx . says:

    wrong!!! so here in south america we say only gringos
    Americans = Mexicans, Cubans, Venezuelans, Peruvians, Chileans, Argentinian, Brazilians etc etc DONT FORGET :)

  3. annabellemee says:

    actually no. i know you’d like to think that, and yes i agree they all are american, but honestly, ask most europeans, asians, even australians. when they hear ‘american’ they are 99% of the time referring to people from the united states. thats just how it is.

  4. TyrannMathieu32 says:

    Pendejo go eat a fucking tamale

  5. lenny s says:

    I am Australian and I’m seriously jealous of America!!

  6. Master Bongo says:

    Most of the people they asked were british not Australian.

  7. Jess Buscus says:

    A guy in a NEW YORK shirt said he hates us..that’s messed up go return that shirt.

  8. Claire Bishop says:

    LOL the British guy was wearing a shirt that said New York

  9. Michael Jensen says:

    If it wasn’t for America you’re ass would be speaking German and in a fascist world so fuck off..I look forward to moving to Melbourne and meeting plenty of those beautiful Aussie women!

  10. Pack man says:

    I love me some Australian and British women! Just turns me on! They got more meat on their bones! I remember approaching a sexy British girl one time and jokingly said to her ” I would drink a tub of your bath water!” and surprisingly she laughed and blushed and told me I was cute and even invited me to a party.

  11. JamisonTrio says:

    I’m American….(o_0)

  12. JamisonTrio says:

    I agree and don’t agree at the same time

  13. Linda Godfrey says:

    Is it just me (as an American) but are Aussie men very cute? I need to visit Australia sometime

  14. ErikWithBrain says:

    You’re assuming that how ‘american’ is used in spanish should be used the same way as ‘american’ in English. They are different languages with different vocabularies. Is that hard to understand?

  15. iloveamericans1 says:

    Australians hate British

  16. Sergeant Applez says:

    Cuba is not apart of the American Continent, therefore they aren’t Americans.

  17. woodzyspl says:

    feel free to visit :)
    ill show you around lol

  18. relaxxson says:

    whys that

  19. LeRandomAnon1 says:

    @Decker Thorne I was thinking the same thing

  20. iloveamericans1 says:

    Well if your an Aussie,you should know,I would never visit Aus.

  21. relaxxson says:

    you british?

  22. iloveamericans1 says:

    yes I,m British from England.

  23. relaxxson says:

    not all aussie hate brits

  24. iloveamericans1 says:

    Probably not,but the majority of them do.The reason is we dumped all our convicts there years ago.

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