what do i wear to a wedding in sydney, australia this august?

my brother and i will be attending our cousin’s wedding in sydney this august & he said it’s going to be cold. we’re from a tropical country and have a few ideas. what is the appropriate attire for this occasion? can i wear a short or long dress? i’m only 5 feet. i’m not fond of wearing shawls but should i bring one? any suggestions?

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3 Responses to what do i wear to a wedding in sydney, australia this august?

  1. holly says:

    Depends, did the invitation say formal, semi formal or informal? it may be a good idea to buy your outfit after you arrive here. It will be chilly outside

  2. littlegypsy says:

    You can wear anything you like : ) Just don’t be tempted by the thong culture… lol.. just wear something smart, short or long, not a prob! It might be a little chilly but you’ll be indoors mostly : ) Have fun!

  3. Knowitall says:

    I would wear a dress at least up to your knees. Are they having their wedding reception outdoors? If so I would definitely bring a shawl, otherwise you will be freezing. If they are having the wedding indoors, just bring a jacket which you can take off once you get inside.

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