what are the best nightclubs in sydney australia ?

im going to be traveling in aus. for new years and would like to know the most popular bars/nightclubs for the younger crowd. also close to the main city of sydney cause we will be watching the fireworks that night as well so it has to be walking distance or able to take a short bus ride.

thanks alot!

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  1. laney c says:

    I think if you are a uni student, some places to go Sidebar which has a real international crowd as it is under a hostel. In the rocks hands out my favorite place was Cargo Bar, Home nightclub is also really cool has a young crowd because they advertise a lot at various uni and they have awesome drink specials usually a 2 shot, a four dollar beer, and one drink that is on discount. The Ivy is nice, but if you really into dancing I wouldn’t go there the dance floor is tiny, and it usually full of people talking more than anything. Don’t go to Kings Cross, I liked it but it is seedy, full of hookers, drug takers, and people who look filthy rich and almost ever bar or club has a cover on a normal night who know how much they would charge on New years.

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