Watsons Bay to Bondi, Sydney, Australia

Clifftop walk from Watsons bay to Bondi, Sydney, Australia.

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9 Responses to Watsons Bay to Bondi, Sydney, Australia

  1. vernantes says:


  2. shadower75 says:

    How far is this walk. Can you run it if you want to get fit?

  3. mutikonka says:

    It would be about 3-4km I reckon – easily runnable – take an hour or so to
    walk. Some bits are along suburban streets – it’s not all clifftop.

  4. jacalais says:

    alot of people have jumped to their deaths of those cliffs…but still its
    a good spot to watch the greatest NYE fireworks on earth!

  5. volcom1722 says:

    Woah! Amazing! I love the country I was born and brought up in. Australia.
    I still live in Australia. It’s amazing. Even down in the rainy parts in

  6. sfers says:

    i was brought in aussie for two years when i was two i want to go back so
    much, but my parents cannot afford it, it is so beautiful and i wish it
    does not ever change

  7. brunamour1 says:

    Um pouquinho de onde moro! Minha caminhada diária!! hehehehe….

  8. mariuscool18 says:

    I’M from romania,europe

  9. ajnob says:

    Estive aí em novembro 2013, recomendo Watsons Bay, tem prainhas pequeninas
    e lindas!

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