Video: Koala lucky escape from massive bushfire in Australia

A koala which was injured in a massive bushfire in Australia was found with burnt paws and singed fur on Monday. Local resident Clint Woods spotted the anima…

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25 Responses to Video: Koala lucky escape from massive bushfire in Australia

  1. TsarSamuil says:

    No, Putin only talks, doesn’t do shit, as usual..

  2. Samuel White says:

    Sooo cute :D

  3. Nebrox says:

    Looked like an Ewok on the picture.

  4. Lobster Bacon says:

    daww you just wanna squeeze him and take him home.

  5. Andre Kernow says:

    it was the static friction of scratching a flea on his arse that sparked the fire…lock him up

  6. baldassare01 says:

    how did he escape that?

  7. Amarx00 says:

    Didnt you know RT’s a Youtuber ?

  8. theend1245 says:

    Also “Usa is Evil. Usa is Evil. Usa is evil….”

  9. Conor R says:

    Close enough. The only things you forgot to mention were:
    Israel, Gaza, Occupy Wall Street, Anonymous, Rolling Jubilee, Ron Paul, the Presidential Race, Gary Johnson, the Republican National Convention, NDAA, Drone Warfare, Jill Stein, 3rd Party Debates, Greece, Spain, Germnay, Eurozone Crisis, Separatist Movements, Noam Chomsky, Julian Assange, The World Tomorrow, Ecuador, Marijuana Legalization and the War on Drugs, the Petraeus Scandal and more.

  10. Lada Ray says:

    Awww, poor baby… Good he was saved :) ))))

  11. Stanley Jackley says:

    love this country

  12. flarekary says:

    Thanks for ruining a good video with your bull crap. Always have to have some person start something.

  13. TheRetiredtrucker says:

    So, how we going to blame this on the Jews?

  14. Paranoiavision says:

    What’s your problem wit the Jews?

  15. Irondog420 says:

    what isn’t?

  16. Paranoiavision says:

    Looks to me like a jewish koala, i don’t think that they would kill him. but maybe that’s the reason why he survived. maybe a lot of palestinian pandas died in the fire.

  17. Paranoiavision says:

    sorry koalas not pandas. LOL never heard of an palestinian panda that’s silly

  18. TheRetiredtrucker says:

    Me? None, but this is RT….. everything is the Jews fault

  19. nonbutone says:

    Typical aussies.. Killing Muslim children in iraq and afghanistan while supporting the illegal zionist state and then coming home and crying over a thirsty Aussie koala.

  20. dave dave says:

    so true

  21. Russ07 says:

    koalas are worth more then any muslim

  22. nonbutone says:

    Exactly my point.. Comments like that is the exact reason that made me a proud muslim extremist fundamentalist hardliner fanatic that supports the taliban and al-qaeda and any other group that wants to see the destruction of the infidels. And people say why i walk around smiling when i hear troops are killed or injured just like today in aust, So in a word I actually have you to thank for waking me up.. So thankyou sweety.

  23. GrilledZucchinis says:

    hyperbole right there.

  24. GrilledZucchinis says:

    What are ur thoughts on the US government arming the Taliban back in the early 80′s against Russia?!

  25. afreeworldwithoutlaw says:

    I coudn’t resist a smile :-) but it’s no funny matter unfortunatly it’s a fact.

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