Trent Reznor: Steal it! – Recorded by Ryan

Trent Reznor’s recent dialogue regarding excessive CD prices, live at the Sydney Hordern Pavilion on September 16, 2007. Discussion: The song played after Reznor’s speech is “The Day The World Went Away”.

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25 Responses to Trent Reznor: Steal it! – Recorded by Ryan

  1. Boofelcake says:

    and this is why nin will be legendary, his stance on life along with his art

  2. angellaselina says:

    Attractive stout women are looking to find lovers

  3. tattoosjohn69 says:

    he doesn’t give a shit about his fans. he is so selfish and only out to hurt the record labels. he makes so much money he doesn’t care about any of us.

  4. wayrwulf says:

    @tattoosjohn69 How?

  5. tattoosjohn69 says:

    @wayrwulf just when i thought he was over this whole “my crazy fans don’t like my yoko wife” wah wah he says in a recent interview with Times that he wouldn’t “discourse” with his fans. he mocks us- let’s his bitch wife make fun of NIN fans online, calling them fat, plump, cut along the vein for suicide tips…etc. when he said that shit i said you’re an ungrateful son of a bitch.

  6. tattoosjohn69 says:

    @wayrwulf ever listen to his interviews or read NIN or twitter? he told his fans to cut along the vein and their fat fug plump goths. He is an ungrateful dick that is what he is. He won’t “discourse” with any of us he said b/c most of NIN fans are “idiots”.

  7. rouncer81 says:

    @tattoosjohn69 if its just about the music tho… i guess its ok to listen to, just dont get caught up and bother go to a live show.

  8. Toastality says:


    I’m going to say that this man does care quite a bit about his fans. I don’t know, the free music he’s given away over the years, and the fact that he try’s to keep prices low, and gives his fans early access to tickets to avoid rebuyers, is because he doesn’t care about us?

  9. mrsmusicgeek says:

    wtf? he is a millionaire. of course he tells fans to steal it to get back at the record labels. NOT to help his fans. he doesn’t give a fuck about you!!

  10. MeowthRocket says:

    I just got a LOT of respect for Trent Reznor…

    Now THAT’s my attitude towards music! STICK IT TO THE GREEDY MOTHERFUCKING LABELS!!!

  11. JFLD02186 says:

    This guy is the real deal

  12. hideHYDEimcoming says:

    @mrsmusicgeek exactemundo, and that is the lesson we should all learn on about the human condition as a whole

  13. AndrewStergiou says:

    An old story guess the crowd is on his side now he incited them to steal, though when he says steal how does any one know what his druggie brain means as so many music stores have gone out of business, I guess he is encouraging bootlegging which one does know if he benefits or not if he doesn’t release his contract with the recording companies he works with.

    Hey Michael Trent you putting copies of your contracts online?
    If you don’t make money recording how you pay bills?

  14. JaykubTheBear says:

    @AndrewStergiou He made his own record company after this.

  15. piroteknix says:

    Thanks for recording, Ryan.

  16. vanriver11 says:

    This is why Trent is great. Other then the grand music.

  17. Teslacoil33 says:

    Almost 4 years on and I still deem this to be the best concert I’ve ever been to.

  18. rainephoenix says:

    Amen Tesla. I can’t remember anything seeming so loud and so overwhelmingly awesome. And the advice he gives us here has not failed me yet.

  19. Officialzestyketchup says:

    @mrsmusicgeek He’s angry about the prices, his record company didn’t wrong him they wronged his fans which made him angry, and you say he doesn’t care? What does he stand to gain from this besides fan loyalty?

  20. CaptainPommby says:

    Trent’s da man!

  21. adamant356 says:

    of course he’s made a lot of friends by saying that!

  22. Themagnetoattraction says:

    Fuck yes!!!

  23. brandondash says:

    @mymusicvideos111 lolwut? Artists have always been bent over by their labels. They make their money on merch sales and touring (at least until their first oppressive multi-album contract is completed). Stealing a new artist’s music probably helps them to be honest. It’s about exposure, not sales.

  24. brandondash says:

    @mymusicvideos111 What about it doesn’t make sense? Album sale money goes to the label, not the artist.

  25. tonyrosam says:

    Reznor for president of Americon!

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