Travelling Australia, tips, info, advice etc…?

I am going to Australia in April 2010 for 6 – 7 months. Starting off in Cairns then moving down to Sydney. I will be pack packing with my girl friend staying in hostels and camping etc. We will be doing all the signs and exploring etc and I just wanted to know any tips on this and also we will have about £5000 each I am assuming this will be enough. I really want to be prepared so any info would be most appreciated. As I can only save about £2000 I will be taking a small loan for the rest, not sure y I added that just thought I would add everything.

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  1. Isabella says:

    Okay, so im not sure but im guessing your from Britain? Well, then 5000 pounds will equal exactly 9,594.58 aussie dollars. that should be heaps, but i would fully plan it out. Such as, what sites will you be going to see? How much do you expect to spend there? Stuff like that. Staying in Hostels and camping should be pretty cheap in most places, but you’ll have to watch out. But if you plan the trip right, calling ahead and everything, you should be fine! I hope you enjoy your trip to Australia, we cant wait to have you! :)

    ps. Just by the way, there are no such things as drop bears!

  2. jk says:

    you first need more money man girls love souvenirs to death they think a child from a different country counts too. beware of adoption centers maybe 6,ooo each is good. when i went i realised that i need sunscreen and im half african it was hot. when having fun try to go exploring the waters the ladies love that also play so golf on the island its so cool when you see that ball fall into the water, take in the sites go see local tribe dances and do some crafts my best wishes for your trip

  3. Lewis J says:

    Watch out for those drop bears. They’re bears which sit in trees and drop on to you in the bush from above and they go straight for the throat. Vicious little bastards they are. But there is a remedy to stop them dropping on to you; smear vegemite all over your face before you go into the bush. The vegemite keeps them away. They hate the stuff.

  4. Aussie says:

    If you live economically that should be heaps…just remember , no hitchiking !
    Youth Hostels are definitely the go….leave the souveniers until just before you are due to leave…you won’t want to be carrying any more extra stuff & if you leave it till the last few weeks you’ll know exactly what you can spend!
    You’ll find that the best souveniers are your pics…take heaps !

  5. becketron says:

    beaches are free, so if you feel like your going through your money quickly, spend your days simply lapping up the sun (reading books etc). buy a van, chuck a mattress in the back and take your time cruising down to sydney. 6-7 months is a lot of time to get from cairns to sydney, so pace yourselves. byron bay is still possibly the most inviting town along the east coast despite its development.

  6. OzGirl says:

    How much you’ll spend is soo personal. Some people like to go out a lot, others are happy to cook in the kitchens at the hostels, it’s impossible to say. Activities also cost money, adventure sports and tours are quite expensive so it depends on how many of them you want to do too. I would count at AU$100 a day – activities, accommodation, transport and everything included. That’s in average, some days you may spend less, other days you may like to take a trip somewhere and end up spending more.

    Personally i think that 6-7 months for a Cairns – Sydney trip is quite a long time. I would cover more places in that time, like include Melbourne and maybe even Ayers Rock. On a trip, i couldn’t spend much longer than a few weeks in and around Cairns, maybe a week in Townsville, particularly Magnetic Island, a few weeks in Whitsundays, a week on Fraser Island, a week in Brisbane, a week in Byron Bay and a few weeks in and around Sydney. There are many nice spots to stay in between those places, but in most of them there is not that much to do, except maybe spend some time on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast (you could spend a week in each if you also went to discover the hinterland), but other than that, much of that coast, particularly around Mackay, Rockhampton and those places, is pretty much just a drive through the forest. Unless you really want to discover every town and beach in great detail, or like to spend many days on a beach doing not much, i would recommend you to include more into that trip, like some outback, Ayers Rock and also Melbourne, and make the most of the time. (Many people make a trip around the whole Australia in 6-7 months).

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