Travel advice for Sydney, Australia?

I am planning a trip to Australia and I was wondering if anyone has any travel tips for me because I have never done anything like this before. Thanks.

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  1. arokh72 says:

    Depending on when you come prepare for all kinds of weather. We have mild coastal, cool mountains, dry hot deserts and tropical hells (other people call them paradise :P but I hate heat). If you can give us an idea of when you are coming and where you’d like to visit we can give you some more specific weather information.

    We have some very tough customs and quarantine laws so if you are unsure declare and make sure you don’t bring any fresh food items or anything not commercially prepared.

    Most Australian stores accept Visa and Mastercard as do most of our ATMs, make sure you check with your issuing bank which Australian ATMS are compatible with your own bank. Also carry a small amount of cash on you (all but a few places only accept Australian dollars) for small purchases. Some places have a $10 minimum charge to be able to use credit based payment facilities. Most travel agents in Australia have decent currency exchange options, also banks are the safest but offer the lowest returns and charge the most.

    Most Australian cities are quite safe, as long as you don’t go into dark places with strangers and don’t flash anything fancy you may have. Public transport is usually safe. In Sydney if you use a train at night travel near the blue light which where the guard is. Taxis are expensive here. Try to avoid hitch hiking, we don’t have a hitch hiking culture and most people won’t pick up for fear of robbery or similar.

    Keep in mind distance, Australia is 80% the size of the continental US with only about 1% of population…in other words Australia is huge.

    If you come in summer and go to the beach wear a wide brimmed hat and SPF 30+ sunscreen (yes even if black it’s a good idea) as the sun has real bite to it.

    The most important tip I can give you is have fun.

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