Top Things to do in Melbourne, Australia

Find everything from hot air balloon flights, laneway adventures and riverside dining to Ned Kelly history and tours of the mighty MCG in cosmopolitan Melbou…

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25 Responses to Top Things to do in Melbourne, Australia

  1. ChrisPCrunchy says:

    Top Things to do in Melbourne???
    You left out the only good thing to do in Melbourne:
    Leave as quickly as possible and go somewhere nice like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth Adelade. Hell even a sewege plant would be nicer.

  2. narnia500 says:

    oh please i’ve lived here for like 6 years and it’s the best city in the world.. i luv melbourne.. ^^

  3. Yuki L says:

    i cant wait to move now!!!!! ;DD

  4. ozwaldhotapplepie says:

    ok bogan, go back to where you came from. we don’t particularly like your sort of people in such a sophisticated city!
    at least melbourne has culture and style and is a real city unlike sydney-the cardboard cutout with the giant coat-hanger or Brisbane with the racist bogans!

  5. ChrisPCrunchy says:

    The sad thing is you dont know any better.

  6. nickopearce says:

    We live in Ireland. We don’t go out much. Why? Because we’ve got blaisse about our homeland as does everyone else. We were in Oz for 8 weeks in Jan / Feb this year, and we did everything. And loved it. For a city of over 5 million people, many of them new immigrants, we found it as safe or safer than most places. We’ll be back. Why? Because we don’t live there. Sadly. Too old to move there, and too young not to like it!!!!!!!!

  7. 21stCenturyCat says:

    Federation Square and St. Kilda! great minds think alike!

  8. kristinedwards58 says:

    GREAT !! You and those like you make youtube great. thanks for sharing

  9. Dimitri0809 says:

    melbourne is so boring..

  10. elvengirl says:

    Wow the bike ride looks fun :)

  11. elvengirl says:

    Ha! I’m a recent transplant from America. Try growing up in a town of less than 3 thousand, where your neighbors are literally COWS. I’ll show you boring! =P

  12. zulusafari1 says:

    Hi Amigo: well, cannot agree with you and we lived in many places round the world
    and, in top houses/areas. If you walk around and open your eyes: plenty to see/do. Art, music, shows, fashion, cuisine….Take a tour/have a drive. Mornington Pla: stunning
    and Carlton in town. What’s Melbourne: subscribe….do you read? do you share? may be the BORING ONE IS NOT MELBOURNE….THE nO. 1 CITY IN THE WORLD from 140 : and. may be time to wake up and learn…Good luck!

  13. zulusafari1 says:

    An amazing City…and surrounded by beautiful architecture, trees, flowers. So much to do and many activities FREE. There is a vibe….and, chic as well.. But again, all depends: some of us have lived in many great Cities , Mega one and also small ones by the sea: here is Safe, Cultural, Musical, Gourmet paradise, Class and finesse…Sports, Scenery: HOW BLESSED WE ARE TO BE HERE! MELBOURNE IS NO. 1! visit Springvale, Mornington,
    Bellarine…take a bus….drive, take the train! Enjoy!!

  14. ElenaMay123 says:

    St Kilda. Hooker town* hahaa oh god I hate Melbourne, too many creeps

  15. latitiko says:

    love this video …reallt makes me want to got visit Australia.

  16. MrHydrogenpower says:

    Only way you could improve it is to set it on fire!

  17. MrHydrogenpower says:

    Melbourne is like an incontinent grandmothers underware. Wet all the time with a big brown stain down the middle (The Yarra River). Smells the same too! Visit Sydney, Brisbane. Perth or any other City would be better.

  18. zulusafari1 says:

    hello my friend
    Surely it would be amazing to hear about all the wonderful places you have been…..on planet earth or else: here we are wating
    I can feel you are a very interesting person …..and with a special perception
    Pls elaborate as much as you can…it will be so enlighting
    Many blessings and get inspired

  19. zulusafari1 says:

    surely, may be some of your mates…all depends where we come from and
    what we make with our lives: creeps…many on this planet…but, we are
    talking about the city and what it offers: simply a question of openning your senses and also go to Art Galleries, take a walk, mingle, participate and do something in your community: AGAIN IT IS A QUESTION OF WHAT WE HAVE OR HAVE NOT INSIDE….HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY…IN MELBOURNE OR WHATEVER YOU WISH TO BE!!

  20. ChrisPCrunchy says:

    So you live in Melbourne. I would move too if I lived there.

  21. zulusafari1 says:

    my replied above was not for our American fellow but for all those who are so BORED
    AND YES,

  22. gorillashanks says:

    hey.. no place like melbourne!!!… check out a unsensored doco i did about melbourne night life on my channel.. cheers

  23. Jesse Williamson says:

    Yes it must be horrible living in Melbourne – Voted the worlds most liveable city.

  24. darkshot195 says:

    I lived in this city for 3 years, once a week I could take a Metro into the city in under 20 minutes time and then I could run around the city doing almost anything I wanted.
    It. Was. AWESOME!!!

  25. Naila zariwala says:

    Melbourne is 1 of d finest cities I’ve ever visited. The culture, architecture, beaches,etc r worth visiting. It has become 1 of my fav destination.

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