Top 5 Things To Do In Sydney

My friend, Carly and I went to Sydney and this is all the shenanigans we got up to… Enjoy. This is my first weekly video! If you guys like it let me know b…

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7 Responses to Top 5 Things To Do In Sydney

  1. DjAvven says:

    black and white, sounds better :)

  2. Carissa Byrne says:

    - You’re so fucking cute, stahp it
    - I was pissing myself at this photo, Carly I love you okay
    - Your room is perfect

  3. thatjoshification says:

    so glad you liked sydney! you definitely have to visit the rocks next time if you didn’t already and have a look around :) theres some great restaurants.

  4. PeterGollagher says:

    Where abouts is that? Near Bondi by any chance? I loved Sydney, is that where you’re from mate?

  5. thatjoshification says:

    yeah its hard to explain. Its more near darling harbour. And yeah im from sydney :)

  6. PeterGollagher says:

    Oh yep, got ya! Next time I’m down in Sydney we should meet up and do a collab!

  7. chopstixnfork says:

    Thanks for this video! It reminded me of my trip to Sydney a couple years ago… I loved Sydney… check out my channel and videos too if you have time.

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