Top 10 Things to Do in Syndey, Australia – Have you ever visited the land of Oz? I’m not talking about the place where you’ll find the Wizard. I’m talking about Australia – land of Roos! Australia is a place I’ve always wanted to visit. A few people have sent in lists of excellent places to see if I ever make it there. If you’re from Syndey, where else do you recommend we check out? – http

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25 Responses to Top 10 Things to Do in Syndey, Australia

  1. fedraswer says:

    lol i live in manly

  2. Gamer4u2c says:

    haha, where i live their is a place called Hawkins Park, where its infested with kangaroos and you can easily get up close and feed them, their so tame.

  3. mikeehokkaido21 says:

    dude seriously shut the fuck up

  4. scottishlowoflow says:

    umm, quay is pronounced like “key” it’s a docking thing

  5. Totothemonkey says:

    they are a cool creature, friendly in most places too.. I live south of Sydney

  6. Totothemonkey says:

    And they are : Wollongong and Kiama

  7. Totothemonkey says:

    go to both and the Gold Coast!

  8. micktrainor92 says:

    Melbourne is the place to be!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. snozzcumbers says:

    Yeah Sutherland Shire!

  10. krystiandobkowski says:

    Im in Greece and im from Poland aaaand my best friend is from Australia and he is from Melbourne ;) This place Rules!!!!! Cheers for all Melbourne sitizens :P hehe

  11. thewinnieshow says:

    i went to manly just like the last minute ago, i live in castle cove but visit st aloysius college and say hi

  12. meandmywebcam says:

    i live in sydney! : P

  13. Cenewyg says:

    aye im from sydney, yehh i know some great places to go, its the place to go for city in australia, but if you want to see australia you need to get a car and travle everywere

  14. TheShAdOwFoRm says:

    yeh lol its pronounced MACK-QUARRY (kworry) macquarie :)

  15. lpfan091989 says:

    Fix the spelling on the video its Sydney, not Syndey

  16. sugizo88 says:

    10. Its not the actual chair that made mrs.macquarie’s chair famous, its the view that you can see from there that made it priceless..
    9. In order to get to Mrs.Macquarie’s chair you walk pass the botanical garden. so its a total package
    3. Its circular quay (key).

  17. sxcydaniel says:

    This guy is annoying… I hate his accent…
    Sydney is AMAZING!!!! I also love the Gold Coast! Best 2 cities in Australia!

  18. tobibasic says:

    XD North Curl Curl here^^ just 15min from Manly! Go Australia!!!

  19. commanderlucifer says:

    election is still counting votes.

  20. Ekulib says:

    Fix your title, CUNT!

  21. Ekulib says:

    And your Description, CUNT!

    seriously you’d get a lot more views if it was SYDNEY** not SYNDEY…


  22. MufcATW says:

    are you gay ?

  23. DeanPMA says:

    @Ekulib You’re a fucking moron

  24. songhug says:

    sydney sounds boring eh

  25. deathray32 says:

    This guy is really boring

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