Toccata & Fugue in d minor (BACH, JS)

Kurt Ison, Sydney Town Hall. Edited and produced by Christopher Hayles, 2002.

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25 Responses to Toccata & Fugue in d minor (BACH, JS)

  1. violentviolaanime666 says:

    @nequillim Oh you sir need to just shut the fook up and enjoy some REAL music. I say, what do you drink, beer? Ha ha! Quite low taste my friend, quite… There is certainly more life in classical, you’re just too envious because your poor arse can’t afford the symphony or any form of higher class society. How can you say classical is a dead and forgotten genre? Many, many, people listen to classical daily. I play a piano and a viola, I love classical. Modern music is all the same, crude, crap!

  2. Horde4th3win says:

    Just noticed that comments on Classical music seems to be much more logical than that of rap or rock.

  3. Gl0wst1ckDr3ams says:

    How about everyones allowed to have opinions? I can listen and appreciate both Bach, Mozart and Tchaicovsky; tey flip my playlist and enjoy dubstep by SKRILLEX, some Lil’ Wayne and Im a fool for OST’s from Animes. I listen to Reggae every day at least once. And I am still IN LOVE with classical. Everyones tastes are different.

  4. TheMasterMigel says:

    This is like only classical piece i actually like…

  5. sofaking3000 says:

    @gelatin25 I guess you haven’t listened to good Hiphop before. There are actually quite few really good rappers and a lot of people how try and fail. So this would mean it’s not that easy at all right? Because Hiphop is pretty easy to make it’s harder to be creative and that is why there certainly is skill involved. So there is a lot are a lot of good an creative tunes with inspiring lyrics coming from the Hiphop scene, you just have to look for it. Have to admit Classical is from another level.

  6. manetarofl says:

    Makes me wanna walk on the woods of Transylvania at night

  7. IstasPumaNevada says:

    348 people have a disfigured uncle who wears a black cape and plays this on an organ in their basement late at night.

  8. Inigor2d2 says:

    @gelatin25 I agree totally. I have nothing against any ‘race’ (if you want to call it that).

  9. ambroom says:

    @gelatin25 I disagree with your statement that implies that hip hop is not worthy of being called music, in fact it is, modern technology makes it easier to produce. However I would rather listen to this anyday, this is my favorite classical song. It is very intense. As most musicians learn music is constantly evolving and hip-hop is part of that evolution. Think about it this way; the music you hear today could not possibly exist if it wasnt for masterpieces like the Toccata in d minor.

  10. ambroom says:

    This is amazing, by far my favorite classical piece.

  11. d117z says:

    @gelatin25 In that case you should go write a rap in a matter of hours. Every genre of music is difficult in its own respect. I feel it is important to understand and respect music of all kinds for what it is.

  12. BallsConcrane says:

    @gelatin25 I love classical music, but I also love hip hop. It takes years to be able a dj also and be able to be a good MC. It takes a lot of skill to be able to know music down to a second on a vinyl when your spinning lots of different records. There is good classical music and bad classical music. Just like there is good hip hop and bad hip hop. Maybe hip hop isn’t your thing, but at least go a little bit further into the music before you start making assumptions about music.

  13. GreasyJerryCurls says:

    wow this video is AMAZING..

  14. Michaele965 says:

    I just love classical music like Beethoven or Bach I think classical music never dies . I really like pop and hard metal I don’t like Lady Gaga like other teenagers like her music and style . Classical music is the best music i think . It’s pitty that other teenagers don’t like classical music . Well it’s cool that it is some teenagers and people who like and respect classics and people who created this wonderfull music Beethoven Bach Mozart and others Love this video
    it’s so AMAZING !!!! <3


    @gelatin25 Sort of forgetting Jazz there buddy. You should go check some out.

  16. XLeonhart1982 says:

    @gelatin25 Have you ever listened to REAL African Music? I’m totally agree with you that Hip-Hop and rythms like those are just emotionless and can’t be compared with the classics. But the music from the african people has It’s own tones and emotions and can be breathtaking.
    It has nothing to do with people’s skin color, but with the culture. And, believe me, white skin people has created a lot of awful music too…

  17. NothingMaster says:

    This has always been one of my favorite pieces — Music at its best. Sadly the performance and the interpretation aren’t quite up to par. I still prefer Karl Richter’s; even Sean Jackson does a more admirable job. That said, even this mediocre performance is far more superior to the crapola put out by the Lady You-Know-Who’s of this world; cruel trash marketed as Music!

  18. JoshuaRFox says:

    While i listen to mostly rock, it has pushed me towards what i consider the two most incredible genres of music in history, blues and classical. Blues for the deep soulful sound, classical because of the intricate work which, if you were in a dark corner and heard this, your heart would stop.

  19. jiri006 says:

    gentlemen,hats off

  20. loxodonte says:

    @gelatin25 I don’t like hip-hop either, but let’s not forget about great masters of jazz, blues , ragtime etc.There were a lot of black people creating incredible musics in the past . The problem is nowadays musics, both white or black.

  21. jiri006 says:

    @JoshuaRFox mate,this is older then our grant fathers and still,no other today’s tune will ever sound better than that..absolutely agree with U.

  22. Planken95 says:

    @gelatin25 If you consider Hip Hop or rap as bad music, you miss the big picture. I don’t talk about the todays rappers, but about the rappers from the 80-90s. Those who are from the golden age of hip hop are equally to this, i would say. And that is not because they can talk really fast, but because what they say is poetry on it’s best, and take skills to write. Just as this music, which is hard to compose. It speaks the same words, but use a different language. it’s worth checking out.

  23. Amecaret says:

    Modern music lacks in music
    Nuff Said.

  24. maaeraaca says:

    This is the theme of when I wake on monday mornings >:3 (I still love the music)

  25. someonespadre says:

    I did my part; I posted it into my friend’s Elvis Presley thread LOL!

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