tips for packing for a 18 day trip to australia?

Hi.I am going on a trip with the prople to people program to australia.we are visiting darwin,cairns,sydney,canberra and i think melbourne.I want some tips for packing because i can only bring one suitcase and one carryon.we are traveling in july and i know i have to bring a mixture of clothing beause of the different weather in each part.please help me out.thank you!

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  1. Thomas A says:

    I suggest you leave your cell phone and your CD player and your MP3 player at home. There is much to see and do; having all these things will isolate you from it.

    July is winter, so plan to take layered clothing, enough for variety, but enough to keep you comfortable from the weather. A single polypro jersey weighs nothing and is totally versatile. Washes/dries in minutes. No heavy clothes or jackets, but do plan for rain. Keep it simple and don’t fall into the trap of thinking you *must* fill up the one suitcase!

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