Things To Do In Sydney – Primo Vacations Whilst checking out my latest YourNetBiz and Primo Vacations office in Sydney I decided to use my visit to help others to find Things To Do In Sydney. I’m fortunate enough to have the Job Freedom that allows me to go anywhere I want in the world at the drop of a hat and now with the recent launch of Primo Vacations I can do it for a fraction of the cost, in more style and therefore more frequently……..Happy Days!! Now look, my tips are by no means the professional travel writers comprehensive guide to Sydney, but they do give you a little advice on the essential things to see and do whilst there without having to spend hours trawling through a huge book. The absolute No1 tip though is to try the restaurants I mentioned – they are insider tips from a local wine merchant very much in the know – and having eaten at a couple of them I can say they are a must do and they are away from the tourist haunts. I would love to hear about your travel experiences so please visit my new blog at http add your comments and help it to become a useful resource for all travel enthusiasts. Enjoy Sydney!! To find out a little bit more about what I do that allows me my Job Freedom go visit my website If you’d like to find a way to fund your travel passion, I have the solution.

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3 Responses to Things To Do In Sydney – Primo Vacations

  1. TranqueFuller says:

    Mate, that was a fantastic video! I spent — or misspent (some might say) — my youth in Sydney. A fantastic city! I hardly recognize it now, tho’. I’ll never forget seeing Joni Mitchell perform at the Sydney Opera House. Used to go to Kings Cross to listen to Jazz every weekend. (Yeah, I know it is/was the “red light” district — but it also was where all the cool jazz clubs were back then.

    Thanks for the tour Dave!

    Primo Vacation Rocks!

  2. RichNickers says:

    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the cool day trip to Sydney, I can’t see me climbing the harbour bridge, but you’d have a hell of a job keeping me out of the Rocks. Restaurants and good food is my favourite sport, could always grab a take-away and hit that chess board…lol.

    Primo Vacations Resorts are simply the best..

  3. MegaTravelQueen says:

    a great video, thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!

    Have subbed and will be looking forward to new uploads :)

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