Things to do in Sydney – Mountain Bike Manly Dam

Manly Bike Tours – Mountain Bike Manly Dam, Sydney A mountain bikers paradise. One of the premier off road mountain bike tracks in Sydney it caters for novices right up to the expert rider. Enjoy the tranquil bush setting and views across the Peninsula.

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5 Responses to Things to do in Sydney – Mountain Bike Manly Dam

  1. rsvnige says:

    Your going the wrong way up the tunnel of love….watch out for me coming the other way will ya!!!

  2. monkeyjunkey417 says:

    That is the easy track, u have to do the downhill harder track, the ducks there r Hugh though

  3. Jazza159 says:

    i love the manly bike bags on the front.. top off the look of the bikes haha :P

  4. Jeffatonians says:

    how dare you insult manly dam karma will get you back

  5. trailgumby says:

    Your message in the video and the text above are sending conflicting mesages. There is no way this track is suitable for novices: many of the obstacles qualify for Black (advanced) under IMBA’s trail difficulty rating,

    The local mountain bike community would also appreciate it if you could please desist from sending your clients to ride the trails when wet, even if the trails have not been officially closed, as it does a lot of damage.

    Send them to Belrose or Terrey Hills – it will be safer.

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