The DIY World Down Under First Day In Sydney Australia

This is from Thursday touring Sydney Australia for my first day. Right after my friends picked me up at the airport we headed into Sydney to see some of the …

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25 Responses to The DIY World Down Under First Day In Sydney Australia

  1. The Do It Yourself World says:

    My first day in Sydney Australia seeing some of the amazing sights here.

  2. Skysearcher2011 says:

    Thanks for sharing ! I have always wanted to visit Australia. Perhaps one
    day =)

  3. Fried2Rice Games says:


  4. NoProGoPronto says:

    Looks beautiful. See this is what you should be doing all of the time Troy.
    Traveling. Take your skills on the road full time. Make lots of money and
    then do a real homestead on your own property. Why a single healthy guy
    like you would stay in New York is beyond me, and you’re more likely to
    find a like minded companion while traveling. I look forward to more vids. 

  5. JustPeg says:

    Troy, I’m so excited for you. What a wonderful adventure this is going to
    be for you and us viewers. Sydney looks to be an absolutely beautiful place
    and the wildlife is going to be very distracting once you get started on
    your projects. The first thing that stood out to me when this video started
    was that you had a very happy smile. We don’t get to see that enough so i
    hope that this trip will lighten your stress load so you can really enjoy
    your time down under. Good Luck and as always safe travels to you Troy.
    Oh… and thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Ken Tomlin says:

    Did you guys see anyone smoking weed there? I read that marijuana is legal
    in Australia.

  7. spturks says:

    are you really there to convert the natives to your relion?

  8. GRIFF says:

    good to see you enjoying yourself instead of suffering.

  9. Haven says:

    While you’re in Australia you should try to go to the Australia Zoo in
    Beerwah. I know that’s one destination I’d have to hit. I always liked
    Steve and Terri Irwin.

  10. Santanajust says:

    what a wonderful day, thank you for sharing

  11. sirtom68 says:

    I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I’m just passing through…on my
    way to Australia. ;) 

  12. Betty Pearl says:

    Next OTG experiment: Get a cheap set of focus-able $10 binoculars or
    monocular, & try to duct tape it to your camera to zoom in on bird shots.


    I didn’t realize austailua was tropical nice,thought it was a desert

  14. Brew Man says:

    Wow 25C and they need heater,that`s my apartment with my heat off and i`am
    sweating .I`am above the uninsulated furnace room .Some good buster stuff
    techno out of wood at 6:51 in video good rave music .There is a didgeridoo
    as well,lot to take in have fun .Keep cool if you where home I would say
    keep warm.Keep them coming . 

  15. Camper Hollow says:

    25 Celsius is about 77 Fahrenheit. I have a friend in the Philippines and
    they use Celsius there also. Once you start going below 20 Celsius that’s
    when it begins getting cold. 70 Fahrenheit is about 21 Celsius. One of my
    other Filipino friends has been in Australia for a couple weeks and is near
    Mount Gravatt, Australia. She is staying longer than originally planned but
    I suspect she may be going home soon.

  16. earthraven says:

    Wow. Nice video tour. Loved the variety of plants and birds. Just wait till
    you meet all the bitey/stingy critters. Looks like loads of fun. Thanks for

  17. SAUNDERSacts2618 says:

    Troy,what church are you with> why are you down there?

  18. MizBonnieville says:

    You’re about three days behind on the videos, eh, mate?
    Are ye still in Sydney?
    When do you leave for your destination in the bush?
    Have you had Vegemite yet?
    These are important questions that need answers. ;)

    I know a cockatoo named Lola that lives in Florida.
    Beautiful bird.
    Not beautiful noise though.

    I was asked to take care of Lola and her housemate, a brute of a Rottweiler
    named Oscar, who had a taste for furniture when he suffered from separation
    anxiety those times their human was away for extended periods. LOL

    Lola’s cage stayed covered. I hated to do that but she screeched nonstop
    when the cage was uncovered. By the time their human returned I was
    considering joining Oscar for an arm on the loveseat.

    I couldn’t live where birds like that are common.

    Too noisy.

    Are we having fun yet?

  19. MrCrf450rider says:

    Lightning in Australia is insane,as from what I’ve see in YT videos.More
    bad weather coming again today,ice and snow..Thanks for the tour Troy! I
    will probably never get the chance to go there.keep the camera rolling!

  20. SylwerDragon says:

    Good fake :) Ha ha ha I would like that fake myself but too hot there :) 

  21. Jen SoapySuds says:

    We have bottlebrush bushes and trees here in FL. Bees and wasps love them.
    We also have “Spanish tile” shingles in FL. They are expensive. We also
    have lots of metal roofs. TY for including us on your journey.

  22. 2012solarful says:

    It looks like you can get a lot of wind and solar power down there:-) 

  23. lee986321 says:

    i hope you get a chance to see how the Aborigines Worship Jesus.. Dij and
    all. lol.

  24. wildchook (Mary) says:

    Land Downunder….too funny LOL You been duped with a tour guide like yours
    today LOL

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