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Le Pain Quotidien – Communal Table World Tour: Summer 2011

We made summer travel plans this year! Follow Francois and Jim as they travel around the world to meet the locals at our global communal table. Like us on our international facebook page at facebook.com/lepainquotidien Follow us on twitter at twitter.com/lepainworldtour Tweet This Post



Enjoy this rare look at koalas being very active, for them, in eating and just scratching about at Symbio Wildlife Zoo, New South Wales, Australia. Includes some good views of eating gum leaves with Mum and babies while Dad has a good old scratch and self bath. Tweet This Post


Lisa Hunt Takes on Kakoda

Glen Alpines Lisa Hunt and fellow trekkers meet locals along the Kakoda Track, while talking about their motivations behind a trip to the sacred Australian site. Tweet This Post


Australia: Teen girl finishes round-the-world sail in Sydney

www.timesofearth.com A 16-year-old Australian girl finished a seven-month-long journey to become the youngest sailor to circle the globe solo, non-stop and unassisted. Thousands of spectators cheered as Jessica Watson sailed into Sydney Harbour on Saturday, the finale to an epic adventure in which she battled 12-metre waves, homesickness and critics who said she’d never make Read more…


The Alternative Speech of the Israeli Prime-Minister. part #1

summary of part #1: Israel did mistake by being ready to pay for peace, which is our legitimate right. For Arabs ‘peace’ is code word of destroying Israel. They pretend as negotiating but play games to distract westerns minds from Jihad and submition process. We don’t believe them anymore: To gain our trust again they Read more…


Trent Reznor: Steal it! – Recorded by Ryan

Trent Reznor’s recent dialogue regarding excessive CD prices, live at the Sydney Hordern Pavilion on September 16, 2007. Discussion: www.echoingthesound.org The song played after Reznor’s speech is “The Day The World Went Away”. Tweet This Post


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