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Enjoy this rare look at koalas being very active, for them, in eating and just scratching about at Symbio Wildlife Zoo, New South Wales, Australia. Includes some good views of eating gum leaves with Mum and babies while Dad has a good old scratch and self bath. Tweet This Post


Jumping angry koala

A koala making its distinctive angry sounding noise. It’s funny to hear such throaty angry sounds come from such a cute and cuddly looking animal. Species: Phascolarctos cinereus. Animal videos for children. Tweet This Post


Koala in Blue Mountains National Park, Australia

Eucalyptus woods have named the Blue Mountains. The Australians call these trees Blue gums. They are of vital importance for the koalas, because they only eat eucalyptus leaves and even then only certain species. The koala is a marsupial and has beautiful fur. It is around 60 to 80 cm tall. An adult male weighs Read more…


Animal Habitats : Why Do Koalas Only Live in Australia?

Koalas, like all marsupials except the North American opossum, are found only in Australia because they migrated there when the earth was one large land mass. Because Australia is an island, it is impossible for koalas to migrate to other continents. Find out more about koalas with information from a science teacher in this free Read more…


Kangaroo, Koala, Common Brown Butterfly, Xenica & Australian Painted Lady Butterflies

naturescopephotography.com The Mark Oliphant Conservation Park is 200 hectares of natural forest, located in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia’s Mount Lofty Ranges. Despite severe damage from bushfires in 1980 and 1995, the park is a haven for wildlife, just a small sample of which appear in this video. Australian wildlife icons the koala and Read more…


Help the Koalas

2 Senate Inquiries into the health and sustainability of the Australian Koala have taken place. There will be one more hearing in Melbourne 1st August 2011 and the final recommedation will be given to Parliament regarding listing the koala. is there really any doubt? The koala is in trouble in SE Queensland and may be Read more…


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