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Enjoy this rare look at koalas being very active, for them, in eating and just scratching about at Symbio Wildlife Zoo, New South Wales, Australia. Includes some good views of eating gum leaves with Mum and babies while Dad has a good old scratch and self bath. Tweet This Post


Koalas Extinct – Australia – www.Eco-Wrap.com.au

Eco Wrap TV – First aired 28th May 2009 This appeared on Channel 9 News as part of Pam Ellis’ Eco Wrap series – discussing ECO concerns in Australia. Tweet This Post


Jumping angry koala

A koala making its distinctive angry sounding noise. It’s funny to hear such throaty angry sounds come from such a cute and cuddly looking animal. Species: Phascolarctos cinereus. Animal videos for children. Tweet This Post


Koala love! Australia Zoo & OzMosaics Steve Irwin Day

Cuddling koalas and we love them! Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, Steve Irwin Day 2011, OzMosaics, Crocoseum Tweet This Post


September is Save the Koala Month, Australian Koala Foundation

www.savethekoala.com – Check out the cute and cuddly Koala’s. We don’t want our little mates disappearing on us. Go to www.savethekoala.com to find out how you can help. And remember, No Tree No Me. Tweet This Post


BOB HOPE BACKSTAGE: “KOALA L’AMOUR” Bob Hope and Barbara Eden as koala bears in Australia 1978.

The sketch appeared on “Bob Hope Down Under,” a two-hour special that aired in 1978 and starred Barbara Eden, Florence Henderson and Charo. Also featured was Miss Australia, Gloria Krope. In this sketch Bob is depressed because he’s just learned he’s not a bear at all, but an “arboreal marsupial”; he fears that he’ll become Read more…


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