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Good, fun, hip, beach hotel in Australia + Australia sightseeing tips?

I am thinking about going to Australia next year, but know nothing about it. For one of our stops I want a fun hotel on the beach that caters to a younger crowd. I heard the Gold Coast is a great beachy area to visit but I am looking for an insiders opinion. —- I Read more…


Travelling Australia, tips, info, advice etc…?

I am going to Australia in April 2010 for 6 – 7 months. Starting off in Cairns then moving down to Sydney. I will be pack packing with my girl friend staying in hostels and camping etc. We will be doing all the signs and exploring etc and I just wanted to know any tips Read more…


Going to Australia -Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns… (is this a good schedule? tips please!)?

Well, my mom and I are going to Australia in late July – Early August for 2 weeks. We’ve decided to visit Melbourne, Sydney, and Cairns, based on the amount of time we have Well, this is our schedule for visiting, and any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! P.S. We’re American, and I Read more…


My best friend is a lesbian traveling to Sydney Australia, any good lesbian bars in Sydney? clubs too

Looking for lesbian bars in Sydney Know of any awesomely fun ALL gal places I can recommend her to? THANKS! Tweet This Post


Where can I find a petting zoo in Australia?

Im going to Australia in August, and I wanted to find a petting zoo, where I can pet Koalas. Were going from Melbourne to Cairns. Tweet This Post


What to do and where to stay in Sydney, Australia ?

My wife and I are thinking about going to Australia this year. (around late July or early August) Neither of us have ever been. Any recomendations or what we should do or see while we are there? We can probably only afford to stay 9 or 10 nights so we cannot see ALL of Australia Read more…


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