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Enjoy this rare look at koalas being very active, for them, in eating and just scratching about at Symbio Wildlife Zoo, New South Wales, Australia. Includes some good views of eating gum leaves with Mum and babies while Dad has a good old scratch and self bath. Tweet This Post


21 Accents

21 accents in 2 1/2 minutes. Join me as I tour accents that include Standard British, Cockney, Elite British, Irish, Northern Irish, Scottish, Italian, German, Czech, Russian, French, Australian, New Zealand, Heavy Ocker Australian, Texan, Californian, North West, Toronto, Brooklyn, Deep South, and Trans-Atlantic. For more tips and resources on accents visit: www.21Accent.scom Visit my Read more…


Icehouse – No Promises (UK Version) – HQ 1080p HD Upscale

Icehouse – No Promises (UK Version) – HQ 1080p HD Upscale “No Promises” is the first single released by Australian band, Icehouse from the band’s 1986 album, Measure for Measure and was released in November 1985 on Regular Records as 7″ Vinyl Single and 12″ Vinyl Single formats. It was also released in the UK Read more…


Jumping angry koala

A koala making its distinctive angry sounding noise. It’s funny to hear such throaty angry sounds come from such a cute and cuddly looking animal. Species: Phascolarctos cinereus. Animal videos for children. Tweet This Post


Thirsty Koala – A Firefighter Gives Koala A Drink (2009 Australian Bushfires)

Please DONATE to the ANIMAL WELFARE effort by clicking the following link to the RSPCA website donation page: tinyurl.com & www.redcross.org.au INTERNATIONAL DONATIONS WELCOME!!!!!!! —————————— Our hearts are with all the families, firefighters and our animal friends who have been affected. —————————————- – tinyurl.com The Firefighter in the video is David Tree. He said he Read more…


Australian Koala Foundation – Drop Bears 2006

This animation was done for Australian Koala Foundation. Story and Idea by Mary Surawski Character Designed by Merisa Belluomini Lead Animator Me Other Animators Steven Smith and Dave Smith 2006 production. Tweet This Post


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