Sydney Trains & Ferries Trainspotting Ferry Spotting Foamers Tour

Ugh, Gloria ‘a’ Choo Choo back doing a Sydney Trains & Sydney Ferries vlog. Come with me to learn about amazing train facts and ferry fiction. See things you normally never see while travelling…

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25 Responses to Sydney Trains & Ferries Trainspotting Ferry Spotting Foamers Tour

  1. leokimvideo says:

    Trains & Ferry Spotting With Gloria #trains #ferries #trainspotting #ugh
    #sydneytrains #sydneyoperahouse

  2. Umbry says:


  3. Mr. Strickland says:

    I’m jealous, Australia’s trains are MUCH, MUCH better than Holland’s trains.
    Our trains are always littered, have so a ton of graffiti and over all just
    noisy and dirty.
    These trains could be considered first class, they are so beautiful..!

  4. BritishTea (12345thomasfan) says:

    Them sydney trains are so nice! I’m so jealous… The public trains we have
    in Bradford are absolute horse poop…. I’d say the same thing about pretty
    much every bit of public transport, but ferries. The ferries are a really
    nice treat.

  5. tidmouthmilk12 says:

    2:09 Hornsby? Ehh.. I prefer Bachsmann :P #ThePuns!
    6:35 I hear being a Ferry Captain is quite a ne-ferry-ous line of work!
    13:30 The war on fun begins… This is… Modern Wharf-are #SoManyPuns!

  6. WoodenBoy BearLover says:

    wow, that restraunt looks delicious!

  7. Trainboy7 says:

    Wish my Town had Nice Trains like these.
    or…Trains to actually ride around town like a subway system. 

  8. LyricBob The ShapeShifter says:

    Hey leo I have a rare City Of Truro ertl :) 

  9. kkehoe5 says:

    Ah the Manley ferry, took it twice and had fun. I like the “secret” Navy
    base, that is where I spent most of my time when I went to Sydney 5 times.
    If Gloria wants to be a ferry captain, she should know that airplanes have
    propellers and ships have screws. 

  10. Montagueduck48 says:

    awesome video! I always love the videos of sydney trains! there always very
    fun to watch! :D 

  11. Davern White says:

    can you do more train vlogs

  12. bulletflash01 says:

    Interesting video leo the sydney trains look much better than ones in
    scotland ours are just dull nothing special or interesting. But sydney’s
    look amazing two levels and automatic doors very nice. The ferries as well
    are amazing there is a small fleat down in cumbria i need to get film of
    and show you them as they are just wonderful. Proper old style ones still
    working to this day on a lovely lake that connects to steam railway. Shame
    to hear how the designer of the opera houses never saw it finished just
    tragic :( . Your right governments cant handle a paper clip let alone a
    country of a building project 

  13. 23heltar says:

    Gloria do u have go cards in Sydney

  14. Garrett Taylor-Leedy says:

    are you going to talk about your ho or oo scale train in a video.

  15. Oliver Martinez says:

    Why do you say UGH a lot?

  16. Oliver Martinez says:

    Why did you go to the men’s? OH wait! Your a boy.

  17. Aishwarya Kumar says:

    Do a how to make pool tracks

  18. Arthur Baily says:

    Hey @leokimvideo im in sydney for a holiday and im a big fan and im
    wondering if u can do a meet up near the ferry station near the opera house
    thx man and bye

  19. Sydney Trains & NSW TrainLink says:

    Mr Gloria Choo-Choo, you are very entertaining and hilarious to other
    viewers! Keep it up

  20. Jake Saddler says:

    If you love Ferry Boat Fred, come sail away with Gloria Choo Choo

  21. TrainzXtreme says:

    Ahh, seeing the word foamer makes me smile-I was asked the perplexing
    question by a friend “So why do you like trains?”, to which I still have no
    tangible answer!
    You always get the nice trains-need to take a ride on the ones down here!
    At the moment we have a set that is missing 3 seats… it looks like
    someone just walked off with them :S
    Ah the classic short-sighted government… as always. Not much more can be
    expected, sadly. You know they made uni in Germany free?
    Anyway, I’ll stop ranting-great video, as always :) 

  22. Baeyi Kim says:

    titanic II is buil by australian billionier it construct in China

  23. supermario8764 says:

    da hell is it with that voice? it sounds like you’re sick.

  24. Jakerbraker123 says:

    Ehh, great video Leo…….I mean Gloria. Ehh, I want to go on the ferry
    trip. It looks fun, ehh. Those Sydney trains, well I’ve never been on a
    train but I hope I at least go on a Sydney train. Ehh. 

  25. qunoweech GoNinjaGoNinjaGo says:

    I saw 2 pictures of the iphone 5c after the train just lift

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