Sydney Opera House – Great Attractions (Sydney, Australia)

Take a tour of Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia — part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. What trip down under is complete without visiting Sydney Opera House? A beautiful building in a beautiful land is always worth a visit. Catch a play, a ballet, a symphony, or simply take in its award winning architecture. The memorable design of Sydney Opera House makes it the signature landmark of Sidney’s cityscape. Set on the shore of Sydney Harbor, what could be a better location? One of the greatest works by an architectural genius and recognized worldwide as quintessentially Australian. If you haven’t been to Sydney Opera House, you haven’t been to Sydney.

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    look at our new channel design…this exact building inspired us :)

  3. geobeats says:

    YouTubers: Have you visited Sydney Opera House? Share your experience with us in comments!

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