Sydney Olivier-Hall age 5: Interview

OFFICIAL CHANNEL Copyright © Hayley Olivier-Hall [2012/2013] All Video Rights Reserved. Any unauthorised use of this material is prohibited. Sydney answers a…

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25 Responses to Sydney Olivier-Hall age 5: Interview

  1. jayla steger says:

    she is awesome and adorable

  2. Lauren Keegan says:

    shes so sweet!!!

  3. Amanda vitoria236 says:

    1:52 kkkkkk

  4. Amanda vitoria236 says:


  5. rosario bruno says:

    bravissimaaaaaaaaaaa brava

  6. Random Tuber says:

    sooo amazingly cute

  7. Kim D says:

    She’s so cute!!. a real natural talent. When I was 5 I was doing around the
    worlds on the bars. which is when you hold on to the bars with your legs
    only and go around and around. if my parents would of gotten me into
    gymnastics then I could of gone to the olympics. that was my dream.but good
    thing you started young. it was too late when I started in 4th grade.

  8. Vid .H says:

    You are crazy :D but very good :) 

  9. GENE HILLEN says:

    hi my name is faith I love to do gymnastics for a little girl she is

  10. MademoiselleCurie489 says:


  11. Katlin Lewis says:


  12. Emily ja Viviel says:

    How lovely :3

  13. NikkiAGD says:

    You were SO cute, and you still are

  14. Chad Wallace says:

    awesome for a 5 year old 

  15. Amnas2011 says:

    Cute gymnast,enjoyed;)

  16. frank stronach says:

    god luck

  17. Redouane T says:
  18. Lottie Thomas says:

    Sydney u are so cute and so bendy

  19. Joe Johnson says:

    good work

  20. latisha hymes says:

    good work

  21. Nadia Blaettler says:

    Soooo sweet!

  22. cruiz van doren says:

    you look so cute 

  23. Sarah# gym says:

    tes super !!!!

  24. Rebecca Parry says:

    aww sooo cute

  25. Autumn Lewis says:

    Oh My Gosh! This girl is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

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