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HIT ON LINK HIT ON LINK KINGS CROSS NIGHTLIFE You can’t go past the enigmatic Kings Cross for a big night out in Sydney. ‘The Cross’ – Australia’s best known entertainment district – never sleeps, working around the clock to live up to its long heritage as a colourful, energetic and sometimes madcap hub of pubs, clubs, bars, dance venues, theatre, cabaret and adult entertainment, complimented by a smorgasbord of some of Sydney’s best known restaurants and cafes. While it’s easy to stay up late at The Cross, it’s much harder choosing where to do it. If you plan to visit every cocktail bar in the district, you could be in for a long night indeed. Peppermint Lounge, Soho, The Tasting Room, Lotus, Hugo’s and Sapphire Suite will all tempt you with delectable drinks, cool grooves and some of the city’s style queens and princes. There are also Kings Cross institutions like ‘The Bourbon’, an infamous 24-hour bar and eatery inhabited by Kings Cross locals, shiftworkers enjoying a post-work drink, and the occasional lost famous person on a big night out! For a more casual evening, get to the Woolloomooloo Hotel. It offers a classic pub menu of cold beer, easy-going atmosphere, and good-value pub food. Also in Woolloomooloo is The Old Fiztroy – a friendly local pub where you can enjoy comedy or theatre, a few beers, and a relaxed meal. Or melt into the deep lounges at Water Bar. For an Arts twist to the night, visit any of the

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