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4 Responses to Sydney Holiday, Australia by

  1. TravelAdviceTV says:

    Just been here, so much nicer than England, I want to go back forever

  2. tensorbundle says:

    @4:12 ha ha if you play all day long, you will fail in the exam sonny..

  3. doofus02 says:

    I miss Sydney a whole lot. Also 5:26 seafood hat!

  4. Aviatorspot says:

    Although Sydney is a great city, but the cost of living here is really
    expensive!!! Sydney airport is nothing compare to all the major Asian
    cities! They all have build a second brand new airport! Sydney Airport is a
    shamble, crammed and lack of style, space,etc. Just build the bloody second
    airport, stop talking! Sydney will be lacking behind the Asian cities in
    few years time! And there is no modern subways in Sydney yet! Bangkok
    already has one, Malaysia is building a major subway in KL!!

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