Sydney Food Trucks

A fleet of 10 food trucks has been chosen to deliver on something Sydneysiders told the City they want – more quality food at all hours. The 10 successful op…

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5 Responses to Sydney Food Trucks

  1. Olivia90820 says:

    Really exciting initiative, thankyou City of Sydney – first small bars now food trucks! Creating a truly vibrant and dynamic food & wine scene.
    Trudi Jenkins (delicious magazine)

  2. antonposa says:

    How do I go about setting up a truck stop outside my house?

  3. hBeix says:

    random places and at random times ….
    unless there are going to be ALOT of them, will sydney’s foodies need to wander the whole of sydney to find one? theres some food for thought for u

  4. grapsta says:

    think there’s an app on the way

  5. MrBillybeetroot says:

    i cant believe that yuppies have finally worked out what the rest of the world always new…..good food made by people who had fuck all to make from snoby ingridients

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