Sydney Bar Tour, Sydney, Australia heads out after dark to hunt down Sydney’s best small bars with the help of Simon McGoram from K…

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4 Responses to Sydney Bar Tour, Sydney, Australia

  1. Paul Lunn says:

    Did you go to Manly at all. The Ivanhoe hotel about halfway along the Corsue. Very nice $10 Steak. As you can see by my picture, it was a good deal.

    Looks like you had fun


    Ha ha. I like your sense of humour, Paul. Actually, if you stick to steak you should lose weight. It’s the chips and beer that stacks it on. I’ve been to Manly lots of times but not on this trip.

  3. Paul Lunn says:


    The way to lose weight (I have lose 10 kgs since that picture was taken) is to stop drinking the soft drink and replace that with 2 litres of plain water. My doctor is please with my efforts over the last few months.

    I agree too that the chips a beer put on the weight. Trick is to eat salads at least 3 or 4 times a week. I was drinking too much Pepsi Max. However, you can eat and drink those bad think occasionally.

    Still some of those drinks looked really nice and tempting LOL


    Good for you, Paul! 10kg is substantial. I’m sure you can let your hair down and have fun once in awhile. Let me know if you find any good places I should put on my list to film.

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