Sydney Australia (Part One)

Recorded December 27, 2006 – January 1, 2007. The video begins at the Los Angeles International Airport as I board a Qantas 747 bound for Sydney Australia. Upon arrival in Sydney I visit the famous Sydney Opera House along Circular Quay. I then climb to the top of southeast bridge pylon for great views of the Harbour Bridge and the Rocks district of Sydney. I then walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens and Hyde Park. Next there are views of Sydney from the top of the Centerpoint Tower. The video concludes on the Manly Ferry as we sail out of Circular Key past the Sydney Opera House. From:

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5 Responses to Sydney Australia (Part One)

  1. MiguelDante says:

    What a lovely travelogue of your time in Australia. Now, I can’t wait for my own Aussie adventure to begin!

  2. westnblu says:

    nice commentary and video

  3. MrRobbo53 says:

    amazing views

  4. ateniense7 says:

    very good video.

  5. 00971505049167 says:

    Awesome video.

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