Sydney, Australia – 8 Attractions You Must See

Some travelers are reluctant to travel to Australia because of the length of time it takes to get there. However, with today’s innovative aircrafts carrying passengers there within hours instead of ships taking weeks, we ought to thank our modern marvels for making the world more accessible.

So, head to Australia and visit Sydney’s innumerable attractions to get a taste of what the continent has to offer. You can take in many sites by foot, by car, or by ferry.

1. Sydney Opera House

The most famous attraction in Sydney is the Opera House. No matter where you travel in Sydney, you will always be able to spot this world famous Opera House, located on the tip of a peninsula out in the harbor. If you have booked your trip far enough in advance, be sure to see what shows are playing so you can grab tickets before they are sold out. I can guarantee you, if you just pop into town, you are going to have a difficult time getting tickets there unless you have a very well-connected concierge or are visiting friends who just happen to have extra tickets for whatever is playing at that time. Otherwise, you will have to settle for a tour of this icon.

2. Sydney Harbour Waterfront

Explore the Sydney Harbor waterfront loop by foot or by taking the Trackless Train Scenic Tour, starting near the Opera House. You will see the Royal Botanical Gardens (directly east of the Opera House) and be amazed at the variety of plants and the beautiful displays. Don’t forget to look up in the trees to see the bats roosting there. There are a gazillion different exhibits, nooks, and areas for you to explore.

3. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

The waterfront loop ends at Mrs. Macquarie’s chair, a great vantage point to view Sydney Harbor and surrounding area. Mrs. Macquarie’s chair is a bench that was carved out of sandstone for the mayor’s wife back in 1810. This hot spot allows you to take in the view and allow your weary feet a rest.

4. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

After thoroughly exploring the Royal Botanical Gardens, and if you are physically capable and unafraid of heights, you can take a guided Bridge Climb that lasts 3 ½ hours. No cameras are allowed, so be prepared to buy a picture taken of your climbing group. This gives you a bird’s eye view of the area, without having to buy another plane ticket!

5. Bondi Beach

Just east of Sydney’s Central District lies Bondi Beach, a sensually popular area, made more so because of the topless allowance code. If you want to be among the topless, stay at the south end of the beach. Of course, if you value your decency (and others), staying at the northern end of the beach will help you achieve your modesty. Of course, you will hear news stories highlighting whether or not the topless trend will continue, so who knows how long it will be allowed.

6. Featherdale Wildlife Park

Featherdale Wildlife Park is a 45 minute drive from Sydney. Featherdale Wildlife Park offers a more interactive experience with the animals in their care. You can snuggle up to, pet, and feed various critters. This is especially delightful if you have children with you. Featherdale is open every day except Christmas, from 9-5.

7. Taronga Park Zoo

If you don’t have time to drive to Featherdale, you can always tour Taronga Zoo, located within Sydney. Recently, Taronga Zoo witnessed the birth of Australia’s first elephant calf. Though Taronga Zoo isn’t as interactive as Featherdale, it is well worth going there.

8. The Australian Maritime Museum

The Australian Maritime Museum offers free admission to see different historical and interactive exhibitions about their maritime history. You can purchase a $30 ticket to tour the ships they have in the harbor.

I hope this gets you started in seeing the major Sydney attractions. If you are able to get a three week vacation, be sure to visit more of Australia.

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Matthew Hales,
International Travel Expert

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