Sydney Animania 2009 – A Brief Look At Sunday

The 2nd day of Animania’s second visit to Sydney! Oh joy! Enjoy an entire day in only 9 minutes! This video is a brief look at most of the event that occurred during the 2nd day of the “big Animania”, here in Sydney Australia. Sunday isn’t as crowded as Saturday, which made it ideal for filming. It was as crazy, and I had a lot of things to do on Saturday. I waited till Sunday to film and do a majority of my purchasing. Also, I apologise for the crappy focusing while the video camera was moving. I just kinda whipped out the VC without fine tuning the settings on it (it’s still set to how I did my videos a whole year ago, not anything that involves a lot of moving).

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25 Responses to Sydney Animania 2009 – A Brief Look At Sunday

  1. iOniV2 says:

    Cause, I guess I just missed them. xD

  2. dfyuzer says:

    lol whats the beat playing during ‘The art wall’ around about the 1min mark.

  3. MaksyMMakroPL says:

    Oh no! How dare u! xD

  4. MaksyMMakroPL says:

    btw. in what program are u making movies? ;p I think it is Unlead but I am not sure…

  5. iOniV2 says:

    Sony Vegas Pro 8.

  6. iOniV2 says:

    “Orange no Hibi” by Choroo Club, Senoo.

  7. MaksyMMakroPL says:

    Haha, I see. I use this program too :D

  8. lucariomewsuicune says:

    I was the Raptor Jesus on Saturday. xD;;
    Wow, that was a fun day…

  9. iiCyx says:

    Merchadise was expensive :( .
    I was looking for gundam sets and found a Gundam Exia for 18 dollars! Well that was the only cheap Gundam i saw, the rest were like 1xx.
    Note-this was on saturday.

  10. 1skorm1 says:

    y did u write”<–ha"next to thegirl in the pink?

  11. iOniV2 says:

    Obvious reasons.

  12. KonohasOrangeFlash says:

    Maka Cosplay…FAIL >.>

  13. iOniV2 says:


  14. KonohasOrangeFlash says:

    The Chick at the end..Cosplays on Stage. She TRIED to Cosplay as Maka.

  15. iOniV2 says:

    She didn’t look like she fit the roll of the character, it’s what it seemed like to me. Had no idea who the character was though.

  16. KonohasOrangeFlash says:

    lol, Well Maka is from Soul Eater. Awesome Anime XD

  17. iOniV2 says:

    I’ll check it out.

  18. KonohasOrangeFlash says:

    BTW do you know When announce the Winner of the Speed AMV Contests..If I entre it on Sat will they Announce it on Sunday?

  19. iOniV2 says:

    Nah, Saturday is Saturday, Sunday is Sunday.

  20. kidkakashihatake says:

    are you going to the 2011 main animania sydney

  21. iOniV2 says:

    @kidkakashihatake lolnope. Animania has to currently be the worst Anime convention in Australia.

  22. kidkakashihatake says:

    @iOniV2 really?

  23. iOniV2 says:

    @kidkakashihatake Really. SMASH, SupaNova and ManiFest are probably the best right now.

  24. kidkakashihatake says:

    @iOniV2 oh okay i know SupaNova is awesome, SMASH i’m going next year, but manifest is in melboure so i can’t go. and i’ve never been to animania until september so i’ll see. thanx for the info

  25. neneswsw says:

    OMG MIKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

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