Shri Ram Dussera (Shri Mataji Sydney Australia 2007) Vijaya Dashami 10th Navaratri Sahaja

Shri Ram Dussera Celebration – HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Sydney Australia 21 October 2007 (Vijaya Dashami – 10th Night Navaratri) Victory Glory of the Goddess “So today is Dussera, is a very big day in India. They say on this day Ravana was killed. He was the worst enemy of human beings, and he was killed. But whatever it is then, as a memory of that great man Shri Ram, they celebrate today Dussera. And on this day, they say those who are dustas ‘bad people’ or we can say negative, they are killed. Can you imagine, so this day is regarded as very important day in India. And they make a big statue of Ravana. You all know was Ravana whom Shri Rama killed? He was a horrible fellow, and he took away the wife of Shri Ram, Sita by force. But She was such a chaste woman, that he couldn’t touch Her. He tried, he couldn’t touch Her. He couldn’t achieve any power over Her. On the contrary She was very powerful. So at that time Shri Rama’s mother-in-law. I should say, who was the wife of Dasharatha. She said, she use to … like a big Sadhuni. And she said that, from today two marriages are not allowed, only one. So among Hindus there is only one marriage. They don’t have two marriages. And regard it as very sinful to have another woman according to Indian culture. There are some people who do it. But it is wrong, is not Indian. The father-in-law passed a law, because he suffered. He had two wives. And one of them tried to send Shri Ram to the jungle. She was so cruel, because

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