Scruffy Old Campsie Guesthouse Please message me first before booking so I can confirm details.The Campsie Guesthouse used to be a group home for crazy folk. You can even see on the bedroom doors where they used to be able to lock you in and open a little window to give you your medication! I am in the process of attempting to clean it up somewhat so be prepared for scruffy paint job, and bathrooms that certainly aren’t that modern! Fear not though the house does meet all standards of safety there is an up to date fire panel and alarm system, proper closing fire doors on each room, and each room locks for privacy. I’ve made the house into 7 separate bedrooms downstairs, 4 upstairs and two studios with a very flexible set up. The biggest room will fit a family or group of friends, the smallest is just big enough for bed and desk. It’s hostel standard and at most there can be 20 people total sharing 4 bathrooms, common rooms, and kitchens. The best thing about the place is SPACE. Some of the rooms are huge, and there is a large common area, plus a huge verandah and an outdoor courtyard too with BBQ! There is an outside laundry with coin operated washing machines and dryers. Campsie itself is not a tourist area. It’s a mostly Asian area with a tonne of great local shops, supermarkets, a shopping mall, cafes and restaurants. All only a five min walk away. It’s cheaper to stay where the locals live and eat than in the city or at the beaches! From here it will take you 20 30 mins on a train into the

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