Sam the Koala Australia Bush Fires | Sam the Koala is the iconic image that made many people around the world aware of the Australia Bush Fires in the State of Victoria, February 7, 2009. But have you seen the other images? Australia Redcross | Wildlife Victoria

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3 Responses to Sam the Koala Australia Bush Fires

  1. 123moldovaman123 says:

    :( i feel to cry for the poeple that got hurt or their house got destroyd :( (first commet (: ) poor people

  2. newendbeginning says:

    Update: Sam the Koala featured in this video died recently from a medical condition unrelated to the fires.
    She was suffering from a widespread and naturally occurring disease amid the Australian koala population.
    Main thing is Sam did not suffer from her fire related injuries.

  3. jbchampion82 says:

    We should use Sam the Koala as a champion on the cause of bushfire prevention in the same way as Smokey Bear is for the United States

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