Penrith NSW Australia – Things to Do – Places to See

Penrith Valley, once a stop on the way to the Blue Mountains has developed into a city. On the western fringe of Sydney Australia it is situated along the Nepean River, just a skip away from the Blue Mountains National Park. Penrith has attractions, festivals and some spectacular scenery. Come Visit Us Sometime!

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6 Responses to Penrith NSW Australia – Things to Do – Places to See

  1. freestylesphynx says:


  2. Skr3wson87 says:

    woooooah penriff!!! garn ta panfers?!???

  3. studogs80 says:

    Haha, thanks i live in penrith!!
    It is beatiful

  4. freestylesphynx says:

    My aunt lives there. I wish I visit them one day.

  5. verticalsmurf says:

    Was this for a school project?

  6. courtneypee123 says:


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