My skydive at Wollongong, Sydney – Australia.

It was about ‘something crazy’ I must do in Sydney. I chose to Skydive. It was also more than that. It was about self-challenge. Where most people search for…

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6 Responses to My skydive at Wollongong, Sydney – Australia.

  1. Rebecca A says:

    yii I accidentally removed the previous comment :S ma khssne bi youtube lol
    micho 3anjad WAWWWW that was awesome, yalla we should talk soon la
    tkhaberne about all ur adventures in Sydney …Rebecca

  2. M. NADER says:

    @rasssa019 it really was awesome experience!! you should try it for sure.
    you’ll get all the details soon. we’ll set a skype session soon ;)

  3. M. NADER says:

    @wkobersy Thanks dude. I knew that u’ll like it ;) I guess 14,000 fts will
    not be enough for u ;)

  4. raghidsleiman says:

    yay crazy micho is famous on youtube ;)

  5. diggatam says:

    hey micho! its tamara your cousin! how cool is that i wanna do it! i think
    i will now woo hoo what a amazing experience!

  6. orkajina says:

    Micho great adrenalline shower mwaaaaaaaaaaaaah Samar Najjar

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