Magic Kingdom — Abandoned Amusement Park — Funpark modern ruins — Sydney, Australia

This is the old slide at Magic Kingdom in Lansvale, NSW, Australia. The park operated in the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s. There was a television commercial …

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25 Responses to Magic Kingdom — Abandoned Amusement Park — Funpark modern ruins — Sydney, Australia

  1. frankromeo21 says:

    Where is the rest of the musement park

  2. Dead On Arrival says:

    There isn’t much left of the rest of the park. But you have a point, I
    could have added some photos of the Old Woman’s Shoe and whats left of the
    water slides. But these photos can easily be found doing a web search.

  3. tamkins777 says:

    That dude has better hair then me…

  4. shaun nguyen says:

    isnt that place haunter ?

  5. italian3828 says:

    IT IS me and my mats where there a few weeks ago at night SO FREAKY

  6. Dead On Arrival says:

    It’s very close to Sydney’s Cabramatta, once infamous for other things, now
    a hub for Asian cuisine and culture in Sydney. But it is actually in a
    suburb called Lansvale which is relatively unheard of.

  7. boulespuantes says:

    be careful on that shit! looks like aa ton of fun

  8. George Hughes says:


  9. TNP'R sheepodog says:

    lmao sliden fast

  10. Jake Vang says:

    This must be how its like to have a girls day in Australia

  11. Paramore-And-5sos says:

    The name magic kingdom is owned by disney

  12. Morandir Armson says:

    Lansvale, NSW. An hour or so out of Sydney.

  13. Dead On Arrival says:

    Yeah, there is a very good / scary blog floating around about a photo of a
    little boy with some death-costume wearing performer at Circular Quay on
    the morning before the Luna Park fire, the poor kid died. There are
    newspaper reports of another poor soul who faked his own abduction (due to
    parental pressure) and told police he had been taken to Magic Kingdom and
    tied-up and beaten-up for a day…

  14. gothboy1963 says:

    Nup. Even gone through archives from The Sun and Daily Mirror, both now
    defunct. From memory, she was with her girlguides troupe and they were
    rafting across the lake when they all fell in. She was the same age as me
    at the time. Thats why I remember it.

  15. MrRobarino says:

    I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or you’re just naïve. You’ve obviously have
    never been to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Nothing comes close to it except for
    maybe Disneyland itself.

  16. PJohnny76 says:

    Would be great to see what it used to look like back “in the day” I wonder
    if I went there as a kid (I’m 46) I drove around there about four years ago
    and remember seeing a sign on the ground near the entrance of the “Finks”
    motor-cycle club. :-)

  17. Dead On Arrival says:

    I never went there unfortunately, but I remember the TV ad which nobody has
    seemed to unearth yet. There’s a dearth of back-in-the-day pics. Funny you
    mention the Finks, I heard on the radio the other day that police had
    uncovered a stash of guns in an abandoned house on Hollywood Drive (right
    near the Magic Kingdom) including a sub machine gun. If you want to see the
    article/pics of the stash, google “How public housing hid a cache of

  18. Zakk Gardner says:

    I have to say I can’t imagine leaving this earth without having been to
    Disneyland. When I was a little kid we lived a half hour away from DL. For
    my birthday that’s where we went, it’s what I wanted more than anything.
    Hope you get over here someday! Wanted to say ya got guts to go down that
    slide… could’ve gotten ugly if the friction was lower.

  19. Clarence Benjee says:

    lansvale is 5 mins away from where i live wow :P 

  20. Squidy Bodybags says:

    I remember this park, went there quite often. Might have to go back and
    check out the abandoned bits :) 

  21. Deebz Breebz says:

    I’m 39 & went to this park constantly thru the early to mid 80′s, but once
    Wonderland opened in late 1985 this place was doomed. Also this site was
    subjected to flooding from the neighboring river in heavy rain. I also have
    heard someone hung themselves from a tree on the site, leading to people
    saying the place is haunted.
    PS. Love the original music from the ads

  22. Antony Smith says:

    Cool :-) 

  23. darksorcerermusic says:

    i think robert Trujillo should stick to bass

  24. GavinJ37 says:

    Went on that slide back when the park was open. I burnt my right knuckle.
    Vowed that once was enough

  25. Mummy&Bubs says:

    The slide is no longer there went in August 2014 

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