HIT ON LINK TO ENQUIRE ABOUT VIDEOS CONTENT www.videobillboards.com.au VIDEO BILLBOARDS FACEBOOK & TWITTER www.facebook.com twitter.com HIT ON LINK www.videobillboards.com.au What better place to learn to surf than on world-famous Bondi Beach? Here youll find fantastic waves, sunbathing models, year-round sun and the coolest beachside vibe anywhere. And youll find us, Lets Go Surfing (LGS), the friendliest and most professional surf school in Australia.At LGS, our dedicated , fully-qualified staff can help you catch the wave of your dreams, whether its your first time setting foot in the ocean or youre a surf fanatic looking to ride the big one. Plus, with our complete surf store, we can help you with all the gear you need to get out in the waves, from high-quality boards to wetsuits to a huge range of accessories. If you need it to surf, weve got it! So come by and visit us when youre in Sydney. Bring your enthusiasm, and well supply the rest.[Lets Go Surfing] is for all those whove always wanted to hang five but never had the confidence to try Sydney Sun-Herald Sydney Top Ten The Guardian (UK) Whats Doing in Sydney The New York Times 8 Things You Must Do in Sydney 8Days magazine The Best 10 of Bondi Sydney Sun-Herald “Bondi Beach” Sydney Australia Surfing “surfing camp” “learn to surf” camping exploring adventure “Malibu surfboard” beaches wildlife “East Coast”

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