Koalas Injured in Massive Brushfire in Australia

Animal hospitals are caring for koalas that were injured in a massive brush fire in Australia. Some of the rescued animals have burned paws and singed fur. (…

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10 Responses to Koalas Injured in Massive Brushfire in Australia

  1. gearofduty2012 says:

    not the koalas! anything but them!

  2. TectonicTsunami says:

    meanwhile..in Syria,Iraq,Afghanistan,Gaza…

  3. klondikebar48 says:

    Fuck you dude, there are other problems than are going on than just that, people are completely aware of these overseas problem, just because people don’t talk about syria, iraq, Afghanistan and gaza asmuch anymore doesn’t mean we forgot about it.

  4. Mike McKenzie says:

    We must keep cute animals alive and healthy.  It’s our duty as the dominant species on the planet.

  5. SickenedSparrow says:

    I fucking want one!

  6. dudelivestrong says:

    Awh that’s so sad.

  7. horseygurl143 says:

    We’re interested in the well being of the koalas AND folks in the Middle East, as well.

  8. jebbadiah smith says:

    “..A MAAASSIVE FIRE..” why is the narrator screaming at us.

  9. SharkDude1 says:

    Those are Third world nations who just crawled out of the caves, and believe in some God called Allah. Killing, murdering, in the name of Allah. Crazy People!!
    Meanwhile in the civilized world, people care for one another and even the animals on this planet.

  10. kgcosmojohnson says:

    Sorry, they have been out of caves for over 3000 years, but, if you check all the countrys around there, you’ll see the whole area is loaded with caves. Just fyi. Please, don’t go ranting people.

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