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Eco Wrap TV – First aired 28th May 2009 This appeared on Channel 9 News as part of Pam Ellis’ Eco Wrap series – discussing ECO concerns in Australia.

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2 Responses to Koalas Extinct – Australia – www.Eco-Wrap.com.au

  1. jacquijones says:

    I’m so happy to hear that councils are now working together with developers to help preserve the natural habitat for koalas. Although, I feel that there is much more that we can do.

    There are some estates in SE Queensland that will not allow domestic pets as they are a real threat to the wildlife.

    Keep up the good work EcoWrap and Pam Ellis! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. artnomadix says:

    Good to see some councils are doing things like this. If only Tweed and Kyogle Councils had said No to the the invasive Repco Car Rally at the very beginning, they may have gone elsewhere. Now the State Government has stepped in and made a Special Legislation ! It will run thru Koala Habitats in September, Breeding Season !!

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