Koala Hospital – Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia

tripwow.tripadvisor.com – Created at TripWow by TravelPod Attractions (a TripAdvisor™ company) Koala Hospital Port Macquarie The world’s first hospital dedicated to these creatures. Read more at: www.travelpod.com Travel blogs from Koala Hospital: – “… The main attraction for us was the Koala hospital for obvious reasons …” – “… I’ve been to the Koala Hospital today, and watched the koalas being fed, they were sooo cute Other than that, there’s not a lot to do here …” – “… One highlight for all of us was a visit to a Koala Hospital, staffed almost exclusively by volunteers …” – “… The Koala Hospital itself was located behind the historical Rota House and located within …” Read these blogs and more at: www.travelpod.com Photos from: – Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia Photos in this video: – “Me in ‘no make-up shocker!’ @ Koala Hospital.” by Jo21 from a blog titled “The Last Leg” – “Me at the Koala Hospital, Port Macquarie” by Celiabarclay from a blog titled “Port Macquarie, New South Wales” – “Patient Board at Koala Hospital” by Gordongreig from a blog titled “Port Macquarie” – “Koala hospital – Port Macquarie” by Midniteramblers from a blog titled “Koala hospital” – “A patient at the Koala Hospital” by Hedwig_the_bear from a blog titled “Port MacQuarie” – “Port Macquarie Koala Hospital” by Shaneandsam from a blog titled “Port Macquarie” – “Koala at the koala hospital” by Troispistoles from a blog titled “Port Macquarie” – “Koala hospital – blind

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