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25 Responses to KOALA CUDDLING

  1. Jack Salonsky says:

    LMAO they have no idea how to cook

  2. Mina Choi says:

    Absolutely ♡♡♡ the ending!!

  3. ToNGanStuNNa650 says:

    Jesse you gotta get rid of them bangs breh. asap

  4. Iamacoolapplebutimreallyacarrotbecauseimorangebutmaybeimanorangebecauseimorange says:


  5. ZerpfizzHD says:

    Where is this place? Anyone know?

  6. Venzz says:

    ”dddaaaammmnn look at his ball sack” LOOL! hahahahhaha

  7. Red Storm Gaming says:

    Leave lizards alone

  8. BlackOpsCraving says:

    Man, I NEED to go to Australia!

  9. Prank Files says:

    You guys make awesome videos!!!
    Check out my New Prank! Enjoy!!!

  10. 999hatsman says:

    anyone else hear at 6:58 “daaamn look at his ballsack!”

  11. Zemzier says:

    what is lui’s youtube channel?

  12. indeed says:

    Lui picks up a lizzard and is some how steve erwin? yeah ok what the fuck

  13. danermanerkider says:

    6:24 That look… “Bitch, i take what i fucking want.”
    Those other Kangaroos are just giving absolutely zero amount of fucks that
    6:58 Wait, wut did she just say…?

  14. Troll4Life says:

    I wish one of those kangaroos would kick the shit out of that douchebag
    who’s filming this shit

  15. I-made-a-booboo-69 says:

    Thats so awesome you guys got to hold Koala’s! They are so cute and look so
    soft! :-) 

  16. Venom says:

    Anyone watched a video with captions on? youtube make their own stories up
    at the bottom of the video lol

  17. legitstefanmiller says:

    Now I wanna go to australia

  18. troikagirl says:

    Both of the Zoo keepers are wearing arm protectors….but the are thinking
    Fuck the American tourists…they can bleed to death…LOL.

  19. 12Cmags says:

    what is Louies youtube?

  20. chiaxfou says:

    5:24 Jeana starts running away LMAO

  21. Hayden Simmons says:

    6:59 look at his ball sack

  22. Victoria Reynoso says:

    5:34 that’s a bearded dragon, my good friends have onnenennensnONE

  23. joelperkovich says:

    I live 5 minutes from that zoo and im still amused by evrything

  24. Clay Jones says:

    u use dat tool to grind

  25. Ang M says:

    Awwwwewe the animals were so cute!!!

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