Koala breeding at an Australian Zoo – Making Animal Babies – BBC

Australian scientists attempt to increase numbers of Koalas using artificial insemination. This video from BBC show Making Animal Babies shows Koalas in a new light as we see the process involved. Visit www.bbcearth.com for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here www.youtube.com

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25 Responses to Koala breeding at an Australian Zoo – Making Animal Babies – BBC

  1. The1CamBo says:

    I’d like to inseminate that reporter.

  2. Necroticpus says:

    I’ve never seen a koala jerked off before. Weird.

  3. nevergot2much says:

    @91rein91 But think of all the people that would put out of a job.

  4. MrGman0909 says:

    i still want 1

  5. proteanview says:

    @91rein91 I agree. Stop managing nature. Cool koala porn, though.

  6. datKidwilliaM says:


  7. M377777 says:

    Okay, koala porn?

  8. Netkiller3714 says:

    @91rein91 I know eh. Like how hard is it to take 200 males, and 200 females, and stick them in seperate rooms together until they mate. Breed like 1-2000 Koalas then stick them in the wild. Don’t worry about them not being used to the wild, They WILL figure it out.

  9. Netkiller3714 says:

    LOFL!!!! So let me get this straight. Instead of having the male just fuck the Female. Then take his sperm, swish it around abit in a glass tube, then stick it in the one female anyways. What a waste of time. If the just let him stick her good, the same thing would have happened in less time.

  10. NoOneIsLikeWinona says:

    humans are horrible…. :)

  11. julianaestefany says:

    whats the difference with them having sex or not she gets pregnant regardless why dont they let her have some fun too

  12. kaziabir1 says:

    @julianaestefany That would be a sin wouldn’t it?

  13. FlyteWizard says:

    @91rein91 They can’t reproduce themselves anymore.

  14. FlyteWizard says:

    @Netkiller3714 They can’t reproduce themselves anymore

  15. FlyteWizard says:

    @proteanview They can’t reproduce by themselves anymore,

  16. trisharoxx100 says:

    I find this difficult to mastrubate to.

  17. flashwave1 says:


  18. redfoxonstilts says:

    @91rein91 that way they can impregnate more than one female

  19. alonzo1995 says:

    What’s going on?

  20. namenotshannah says:

    haha i fast forwarded it to the bit where he was talking about titan giving everyone sperm… keep in mind I thought titan was the man…

  21. CarmineKoala says:

    @91rein91 chlamydia epidemic, they want to make sure they only spread babies and not anything else

  22. Draugnev says:

    Koala Orgy

  23. n0pattern says:

    How do you wake up every day knowing your afternoon will consist of cockblocking koalas and then jerking them off lol

  24. cfcdazza says:

    @n0pattern hahaha quality!

  25. DarckMan89 says:

    3:01 – 3:07 ;DDDD

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